GIFT Leadership Election

I’ve received a grand total of 2 applicants.

@charleswimmer is a member of GDP and someone I have played with for quite a while. They have been active contributors to all GDP projects and have displayed solid commercial acumen coupled with great care and concern for the community over this time. They are a trusted, and valued member of GDP.

@Firu is relatively new to PrUn. I’ve quickly grown fond of them and have actively invested in their burgeoning empire. Whilst it is still a little early to judge them on a track record, I believe their understanding of economics is substantial and they have shown trustworthiness over this time.

I believe that both of these candidates are capable of fulfilling the role in my stead.

So, have at it.

Who should lead GIFT?

  • Charleswimmer, more like CharlesWINNER!
  • Firu, ForU!
  • Neither, Prdgi should suck it up and stay.
  • All three, subjugate Montem and Katoa too
  • You know what, just take over the galaxy already

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Silly me forgot to link their applications!

Charleswimmer: Promitor GIFT Leadership Vacancy

Firu: Promitor GIFT Leadership Vacancy

I’ll close the poll in about a week from now.

People have decided. Democracy manifest

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Democracy Manifest. Here’s a video of me getting taken back to GIFT HQ

What is the charge? Eating a succulent a cut of Promitors taxes?!!?

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