Frequently Asked Questions

Weclome to the official FAQ! If you are just starting out, most of your questions will be answered by the > > > HANDBOOK < < < ! Make sure to check it out first. The following questions only address topics not covered in the Handbook and will be extended as time goes by.

If your question is neither covered by the Handbook nor the FAQ:

  1. Please report any new bugs in this thread.
  2. Ask questions in the in-game HELP channel or on our Discord server.


Q: I never received my confirmation code to access my account.
A: Please send an e-mail to hello[at]prosperousuniverse[dot]com from the e-mail address you used to sign up. We will send you the code manually.

Q: I upgraded my account to PRO and my access to some features is still restricted.
A: It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect. If there are still restrictions after more than a day, please send an e-mail to hello[at]prosperousuniverse[dot]com.

Q: I’m not getting into my account.
A: Reset your password here.

Q: Can I change my username?
A: Unfortunately not. However, you can change your company name using COLIQ. (See “gameplay” section below.)

Q: I deleted my account and want to use it again.
A: As of now, deleted accounts cannot be reactivated. You need to sign up again using a different nickname.

Q: What’s the difference between PRO and TRIAL? How do I upgrade?
A: Companies without PRO license are unrated, which prevents them from trading on Local Markets as well as the Foreign Exchange, and from voting on Chamber of Global Commerce programs. During First Access, you can upgrade your license to PRO with a one-time payment by purchasing any support tier. After First Access, PRO months will cost a monthly subscription fee.

Q: I would like to switch to a higher support tier.
A: Upgrade pricing is not yet implemented. However, we are happy to manually refund your previous purchase once you acquired a higher tier! Please reach out to julian[at]simulogics[dot]net if you do.

Q: I purchased a support tier. Where are my rewards?
A: Some (like badges) are added automatically, some (e.g. physical rewards) are not ready yet. To get access to the VIP communication channels or receive your AirlineSim credits, please contact julian[at]simulogics[dot]net.


If you are not sure if you are experiencing a bug, have a look at the top left. In many cases, the APEX Rock spins around when a bug occurs. Many bugs will be fixed by one of the following measures:
1. reloading your browser (usually F5).
2. logging out and then back into your account.

Q: There are no dots (stars) in the Universe Map, just lines.
A: Please try a different browser for the moment. They usually reappear on their own after a while.

Q: I cannot click anything in any of the 3D windows.
A: Please try turning on hardware acceleration in your browser or try a different browser for the moment. This bug usually disappears on its own after a while.

Q: Buffers keep getting stuck on my mouse cursor and keep moving around the screen with it.
A: Logging out of your account and back in usually fixes this.


Q: Can the game be played on mobile?
A: There is no official mobile support, but it works on most devices except for dragging and dropping. (There is currently no other way to move wares between inventories.)

Q: I made a stupid mistake. Can I start over?
A: You can by using the COLIQ command. Make sure you only use it if your business is absolutely ruined as the command’s cooldown gets longer with each use. For example, starting on a planet without a Commodity Exchange is not the end of the world. Before you do COLIQ, make sure to become accustomed with the game to get some more mistakes out of the way and figure out which way to go after you restart. Players in the global chat are always happy to help you with that decision!

Q: How can I build more ships?
A: Ship building is not implemented into the game yet, but it’s on the roadmap .

Q: I forgot which starter package I picked, how can I look it up?
A: Open your base overview (BS on the left) and then click “EXPERTS”. You’ll have experts available in the field you chose. (Please note that the starter package is only of minor importance. If you are unhappy with your pick, give it some time instead of liquidating your company right away.)

Q: Is there any way to trade wares privately?
A: Private trading is not in the game, but may be implemented in the future.