Faction Expansion Challenge - Project Protostar

Hello and welcome to Project Protostar! SNFs effort to develop a new region on the edge of current space. Our plan is to maximize potential starting worlds, achieve basic self-sufficiency and make it easy to get involved despite the massive distance involved (Over 20 jumps from Moria)

If you’re interested in working with us or contributing to development please contact Xenogenic (PCI)

SNF, Delivererofdeath

NEO Charter Exploration

Focus System:

Focus Planets:
TD-203b (RE, Met, Cons)
Saladin / PG-899b (RE, Agri, FI)
WC-702b (RE, Manu)
OT-823a (RE, Chem)
TD-228b (RE, Fuel, Chem)

Phase 1 - Prep and Set Up


  • Recruit interested members
  • Rough plans for bases
  • Collect donations to subsidize development
  • Establish a Logistics system
  • Set up of LMs and WARs on focus planets
  • Supply of initial materials (base kits, consumables, construction mats, fuel)


What faction do you choose?

Whoops! NC thanks! I’ll add it to the main post too :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been trying to organize everyone under one banner off in UFO’s Saladin channel. I didn’t have everyone so I didn’t post a page for it yet. What’s done is done.

Here’s a link to our signup sheet.

And our working map (also in the signup sheet.)

Red: Core T1 focus planets.
Brown: Other T1 planets.
Blue: T2 core focus planets.
Yellow: Critical T3 planets.

I was working on some flavor text for the (not real) faction and taking suggestions on names for it. Still unfinished.

“In the late stages of the Exodus, a large alliance of Without Borders experts and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent lead a comparatively small evacuation effort in Northern Africa and the Middle East. While much of the funding for material was provided by wealthy stats in the area, the support of skilled individuals from abroad was bought by ostensibly making this a charity project as more than half of the colonists were refugees from poorer countries in the region. The __ is now host a peoples with extremely varied culture but features the only majority Muslim population.”

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Just to reiterate here in case you missed it elsewhere, we are waiting until Oct 25 to start colonization. That way we make the maximum use out of explorer’s grace. Everyone should try and start their colonies during the following week, at least on the core planets.

OT-823a is 5 jumps away from focus system, and is not a fuel planet to quality for exemption.

Really Frostwood?
The devs went with “guidelines” and no hard rules and hid the point system to avoid this.

Players should develop the region in a way they see fit.

Yes, really. Pyrgos was rejected as a core system as per rules, and it was pointed out that other projects had violations according to the rules.

I don’t think anyone has a problem with the rules being applied, as long as they are applied equally.

As per the main focus systems and planets are part of the hard rules as posted by molp in the Pyrgos thread. There is some leeway for systems on the way there and gas stations.

Either way, nothing was mentioned by molp so I’m assuming 4-5 jumps from focus system is fine.

Hello, please find the Devlog Entry for Mission Week commencing 11/1/2021 below. We didn’t really do one for week 1 as that was just lots of sending ships into the unknown only to realize we forgot this and that. At present the whereabouts of an entire base are still unknown. Read all about it!

Please find the devlog for Project Protostar’s Mission Week 3 at the below link. Many thanks to @Delivererofdeath for doing a write up of what it’s like to walk across the surface of TD-203b!
Outer Heaven Report for Week Commencing 11/8/2021 Mission Week 3 - Google Docs)Outer Heaven Report for Week Commencing 11/8/2021 Mission Week 3 - Google Docs

Hello Everyone, please find Outer Heaven Region’s report for week commencing 11/15/2021 (Mission Week 4) attached. This is the report for last week, submitted a bit late :grin:

Please find this the report for Mission Week 5 of Project Protostar below. Anybody looking to nerd out on Outer Heaven Region’s population numbers won’t be disappointed! Outer Heaven Report for Week Commencing 11/22/2021 Mission Week 5 - Google Docs

Please find the report for Mission Week 6 at the below link Outer Heaven Report for Week Commencing 12/6/2021 Mission Week 6

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Hello Everyone, please find this week’s update on the Outer Heaven Region (Mission Week 7). This week we include a comprehensive review of all the Expansion Contest regions. I know you’ve all been dying to know how we compare against the other regions, so please have a look!

Hello Everyone! Please find the Outer Heaven Region devlog report for mission weeks 8 and 9 below! (This Monday we are entering mission week 10 of 12)
In short, growth is capped until more players can move to the region, mass compacted goods are getting exported from the region and we are only a few fabs short of completing our last CoGC and are thinking about ADM’s and some more TEC POPI.

Most folks in this challenge are now just waiting for it to finish without putting any real effort in. We’re just treading water until it’s done as there’s just too much micromanagement and waiting for other players to react for LM only trading.

Unless other folks take issue with this, our current names for once the contest is over are:

System: TD-203 - Hubur

TD-203b: Sheol
TD-228b: Rhazes
WC-702b: Mimar

This is the flag we’re using for the region: