Faction Expansion Challenge - Project Protostar

Hello and welcome to Project Protostar! SNFs effort to develop a new region on the edge of current space. Our plan is to maximize potential starting worlds, achieve basic self-sufficiency and make it easy to get involved despite the massive distance involved (Over 20 jumps from Moria)

If you’re interested in working with us or contributing to development please contact Xenogenic (PCI)

SNF, Delivererofdeath

NEO Charter Exploration

Focus System:

Focus Planets:
TD-203b (RE, Met, Cons)
Saladin / PG-899b (RE, Agri, FI)
WC-702b (RE, Manu)
OT-823a (RE, Chem)
TD-228b (RE, Fuel, Chem)

Phase 1 - Prep and Set Up


  • Recruit interested members
  • Rough plans for bases
  • Collect donations to subsidize development
  • Establish a Logistics system
  • Set up of LMs and WARs on focus planets
  • Supply of initial materials (base kits, consumables, construction mats, fuel)

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What faction do you choose?

Whoops! NC thanks! I’ll add it to the main post too :sweat_smile:

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I’ve been trying to organize everyone under one banner off in UFO’s Saladin channel. I didn’t have everyone so I didn’t post a page for it yet. What’s done is done.

Here’s a link to our signup sheet.

And our working map (also in the signup sheet.)

Red: Core T1 focus planets.
Brown: Other T1 planets.
Blue: T2 core focus planets.
Yellow: Critical T3 planets.

I was working on some flavor text for the (not real) faction and taking suggestions on names for it. Still unfinished.

“In the late stages of the Exodus, a large alliance of Without Borders experts and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent lead a comparatively small evacuation effort in Northern Africa and the Middle East. While much of the funding for material was provided by wealthy stats in the area, the support of skilled individuals from abroad was bought by ostensibly making this a charity project as more than half of the colonists were refugees from poorer countries in the region. The __ is now host a peoples with extremely varied culture but features the only majority Muslim population.”

Just to reiterate here in case you missed it elsewhere, we are waiting until Oct 25 to start colonization. That way we make the maximum use out of explorer’s grace. Everyone should try and start their colonies during the following week, at least on the core planets.