Drag-and-drop several materials into personal contracts

I just had to create 85 contracts in just two hours and felt that the Drag-and-drop feature would make the process of filling out contracts comfortable.

The ability to add multiple materials has already been heard on the forum so I’ll skip that and drag-and-drop I don’t remember. Here’s how I see this feature.

  • You choose the type of contract.
  • You open the cargo settings (you see the fields for one material as now)
  • Drag and drop the material you want to add and a horizontal format line appears as in the example below.
    | 0 || BSE | x

| | is a yellow field you can fill in.
0 - number of materials
x - the possibility to delete one line

  • You drag another material and its one horizontal line appears below the existing one.
  • At the very bottom will be a yellow line with the shipping address.

Each item should have one line, so you don’t have to make an endless list of fields to fill if you have a lot of materials. A limit of 10 materials in the contract will be enough. Thanks.


Great idea. Love it. This may be the technical limitation for multiple items in a shipment order or other LM order though. We haven’t gotten those, and there may be some technical reason? Why that hasn’t been done yet. Would make life a lot easier though.

+1 is if there is a “fulfill all” button that atttempts to fulfill all components of it. Cause hitting fulfill 10 times and waiting for the confirmation every time would get old.


Of course, I am well aware that the implementation requires a lot of developer man-hours and do not expect this even in the next patch. This is more of a note for the future and a more detailed description of gameplay which may help for other updates.

It was worth adding that this is relevant to buy/sell on personal contracts. Even with my active play, I haven’t noticed much need for this in shipping or LM.

Just the title alone I know this would be a great feature.

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And a price parser.

When it asks for the price, let me enter it as @xxxx (i.e. @385). Then it multiplies the number with the amount and enters it.

That way I do not have to have a calculator open besides my contracts.