Do rare contracts even exist?

Since the introduction of faction contracts on 12/6/2022, I have only seen one “rare” contract to put together a ship. While I realize faction contracts are not oriented to long-time players, I would not mind completing some difficult contracts.

I have been waiting over two months for an HQ upgrade contract to complete but have never seen or received one. I’ve now stacked up enough R-fabs for 2-3 HQ upgrades that I would like to complete permits with (or any rare contract like governing), but that doesn’t seem likely at the current rate.

Yes… I shouldn’t wait as those potential permits could be put to use… but I don’t have many chances before permits get expensive and my goal isn’t min/maxing profitability.

While the devs have confirmed they exist, has anyone received “rarer” contracts recently? I am sure that I am not the only one looking waiting for them.