Disposable Warp Drives

I have an idea for disposable warp drives. The materials it is made of have some rare negative gravity metals, and so it generates a warp field without power. It is also very fast and creates a large warp field, so it could be used to upgrade cargo freighters. The only disadvantages are that you need to dispose of it to stop, and the speed varies, making predicting location more unreliable. This could eventually be solved with a “warp speedometer”, but it was not developed yet due to lack of purpose. A third problem is, due to these issues, FTL lanes are futile, and travel is more destructive to your ship. This makes it generally only suitable for large corps with money to waste and large non-faction farming and mining bases. Eventually new DFTL lanes could be developed by stellar cartographers and/or hull plates could be improved. These are very expensive due to the rare metals, so it will not serve much purpose yet, but it would be cool if (since it is an mmo game) there are advancements in technology as people are playing. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way (I didn’t come up with the feature just to advertise my company, after all), but a company (or a faction, but that is kind of boring in my opinion. Comment yours please) has to have come up with the idea, and I would like it for you to credit my company in the in game storyline for thinking of the idea. I AM a manufacturing company, so advancements in fields of science are not totally outlandish for the story line, and I do not request any additional in game payment or something if you do include my company in the description of the device. To the players, please comment your opinions.

And while we’re at it, maybe add an option to add a photo to ships or something, it kind of looks like it’s taunting us saying (no picture) and not letting us add one. Like I said, please reply with opinions.