Displaying consumables in inventory with decimals

Just recently started the game and noticed that workers use consumables in decimals since the consumption rate of consumables are only displayed in whole numbers per 100 workers, and I don’t think most players have multiple of 100 quantity of workers exactly, so their workers consumable consumption rate would be in decimals. Yet consumables in your inventory are only displayed in whole numbers, so you wouldn’t know exactly how much consumables you have left and whether it’s rounded down or up. This feature could also only be shown when you click on the consumable in your inventory as to not overload the number of digits displayed for the quantity of the consumable if you have a lot, for example 10,000 units of a particular consumable. I recommend three decimal places since there are workers who consume e.g. 7.5 units of a consumable daily per 100 workers, and if calculating for the consumption rate of a single worker, the answer is 0.075 units of a consumable daily. Ultimately, I believe that this is a simple and easy to implement change that will help players know exactly how much consumables to acquire, as well as calculating for exactly how long they can last with their current quantity of consumables. Plus it wouldn’t need to be on an add-on or an external site, which adds hassle, especially if you’re a Steam player like me.

The inventory systems works with integers, there are no fractional parts of materials. During a consumption event the consumed amount is rounded up and the next consumption event adjusted accordingly. So it won’t be exactly 24 hours after the event but, depending on the fraction, some hours later.

Thanks for the explanation. I figured it was something like that instead of workers consuming rounded up or down whole numbers. As I said above though, having decimals would help to more clearly calculate exactly how much consumables I need, but I understand that this is just a small quality of life change, so it’s not a high priority. Even still, I hope that this can be implemented in the future, even if it takes a while.