Discord Channels

The discord channel for Prosperous Universe is very minimal and I’m wondering if we can have extra channel categories for:

Bug reports
Corporation Recruiting
Separate channel for each faction so players can cross trade.
Content creator channel for Youtubers, Prosperous turnip etc(there is a channel but it is more of a help channel).

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Whilst the PrUn discord itself is minimal, the places we currently have available for what you have listed are:

Bug Reports: Bugs and Improvements

Corporation Recruiting: https://discord.gg/aTMfuHtKPN

Trade & Logistics Coordination: https://discord.gg/cR3QjKh

Tools: https://discord.gg/2MDR5DYSfY

The PrUn Galactic Senate (not yet updated for new galaxy): https://discord.gg/yJpg9Zx

  • Inter-Corp Diplomacy
  • Prosperous Turnip Discussion
  • Large-scale economic discussion & planning
  • POPI coordination
  • Playing other games with PrUn mates

I would really appreciate having channels within the official PrUn discord for all of those things. I don’t really want to join 4 random discords that various players created just to have what one centralized channel would offer.

I’d also recommend an economic-nonsense channel for all of our bantering about economic predictions or status quos or (that which need not be named) to move it out of general!