DEVLOG - Star Fleet (Prygos) - Aquarium Project, INF on Pyrgos, CH-115b settled

“Star Fleet Command” - i.e. the Pyrgos CX

(Image adapted from FTL map at

We would like to propose the Star Fleet System - a group of planets almost equidistant from both Benten (8 jumps) and Moria (9 jumps) exchanges.

The community in Pyrgos (CH-771a) has shown tremendous cooperation despite being made up of members from several corporations and with no formal government for collecting taxes. Despite this, they built an LM and a SST and have plans for a COGC.

While Pyrgos is one of the best H2O and Fertile Tier 1 planets, the real value in bringing an exchange to its area is the rich set of later game resources in the surrounding higher tier planets. An exchange would enable easier trade as these resources are tapped - and encourage more non-PRO players to consider them as their second base options.

These include: BRM, BER, LIO, HAL, CLI, TAI, LES, TCO, TIO and F.

Focus System:

CH-115 (star in chart above)

Focus Planets:

Star and red boxes
  1. Pyrgos (CH-771a) Tier 1
    Resources: Fertility, H2O, O (Small), AMM (Trace)
    Function: Worker essentials (FP, HYF, FER goods)

  2. CH-115a Tier 1
    Resources: GAL, LST, BRM (Trace)
    Function: Fuel and Construction (PP1s)

  3. CH-913c Tier 1.5 (MCG + SEA)
    Resources: None
    Function: Higher tier workers (see plan below)

Support Planets:

(green boxes - raw materials to support focus planets)
  • RY-305c: FEO source for Construction planet, CLI / AUO / AMM

  • AM-371f: H/AR (already has LM present)

  • CH-115e: He3 Gas Giant

Growth Plan:

Pyrgos (CH-771a)

  • Continued infrastructure investment to maintain safety and health.
  • COGC and possible ADM (but we are open to staying tax free)


  • Fix worker happiness due to previous POPI bugs
  • Build LM and Warehouse
  • Recruit constructors


  • Joint settle plan among several players to jump-start Tech growth
  • SST/INF and possible LIB or PBH
  • We estimate 4 players settling can get first techs in about 4-6 weeks


Benten (CIS)


Our fellow Pyrgites, including: CarbonRUS, Elder_Productions, Ragnar Industries, Scvalex, Caoslogy & any other interested parties!

The focus system has to be at least 5 jumps away from the closest faction system or planet.

I fear @McCowen is right: Your focus system is only three jumps away from the closest faction system (CB-276) and thus we cannot accept the registration as it is right now. :frowning:

That is unfortunate, especially as those two edge systems (CB-276 and CB-045) are both empty and looked to be higher tier planets.

If we change the Focus System to CH-115, that would be 5 jumps from CB-276. Would that be sufficient?


Yes, that would work.

I trust Pyrgos, 4 jumps away, would be counted?

Yes, it would count.

To complete the registration, please let me know which one it is!

Chose Benten. Also updated post to change Focus System to CH-115, with updated picture.

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Dev Log:

CoGC finished at Pyrgos

ADM next

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Dev Log:


  • ADM finished on Pyrgos

Next steps

  • Elections and most likely INF
  • LM on CH-115a waiting final parts
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  • LM on CH-115a finished - local fuel now being offered
  • Discounted INS offered at Pyrgos for local planet colonization

Next steps

  • CH-115a Warehouse
  • First tax cycle on Pyrgos
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Planet Spotlight - CH-115a


For today’s Dev Log entry, we’d like to highlight the tier 1 planet in our Focus System: CH-115a.

This system has the second highest LST concentration in the universe. An active Local Market stocked with Fuel (local-made) and consumables from Pyrgos. The Warehouse goes up this weekend.

This planet is a strong candidate for various industries:

  • Fuel
    ** Local GAL and an HE3 Gas Giant in the same system (CH-115e)

  • Construction
    ** Local LST
    ** Resident running several SMEs with another 2 on the way
    ** O / C imported from Pyrgos
    ** FEO / ALO brought in weekly

  • Manufacturing
    ** SIO imports to start in about a week, allowing local made MCG

  • COMING SOON: Chemistry
    ** Recent surge in POPI driving up Settler growth. FLX already made locally but expecting to start REA / SOI production using CH-115b’s rich BRM source.

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2021-11-21T05:00:00Z 11/21 DEVLOG

  • Warehouse finished on CH-115a

This complements the LM well - as we now have weekly imports of H, FEO to support Fuel and Construction:

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2021-12-05T05:00:00Z 12/5 DEVLOG

Pyrgos announces plans to build Wildlife Park Aquarium!

Locals were surprised at the announcement of an Aquarium to be built on Pyrgos - as there hadn’t been one constructed before. Upon further investigation, it appears the plans were hastily changed from a WIldlife Park after an unfortunate shipping mix up.

Bob the Tech, supposedly the first to arrive at Pyrgos, had this to say about the situation: “We handle a lot of shipping orders here. Mostly H2O & DW shipped offworld. So when we see this giant buy order for SOI we think ‘they must mean H2O. Who makes that stuff here?’ Anyway, me and the guys just fixed that in the system and they got their giant H2O order on time. Yes sir!”

A very hydrated spokesperson for the Pyrgos Advisory Council said there was minimal retooling needed due to the mix up and that the Aquarium should be finished in 1-2 weeks.

Other happenings:

  • First tech arrives on CH-115a
  • INF built on Pyrgos (CH-771a)
  • CH-115b settled → providing SIO to manufacturers on CH-115a and BRM for the Aquarium

Next Steps

  • SST for CH-115a
  • Aquarium (Wildlife Park) for Pyrgos (CH-771a)
  • LM for CH-115e (HE3 deposit)

2022-01-07T05:00:00Z 01/07 DEVLOG

First devlog of the new year - and quite a bit to report.

The Aquarium (Wildlife Park) went up at Pyrgos and tech growth has skyrocketed, adding 40% last week. We expect this to continue and will allow more players to add higher tier buildings.

CH-115a has added a safety station and settler growth is coming along nicely. There is now sufficient for several players to run REF and CHPs at near full capacity. The next steps are to add an INF and recruiting someone to run BMPs to provide consumables on the LM.

LMs have been established at both CH-115b (SIO/BRM/LIO) and CH-115e (HE3). The respective planets have been offering the local products for sale and various shipping ads.

Population is growing where it counts - settlers and techs. Our main planets have extra Pioneers in their reserve pool so new and growing players are taken care of.


Project changes

  • We are no longer pursuing a “tech base” at CH-913c, as there was greater interest to grow them at Pyrgos instead.
  • CH-115b added as a support planet

Next Steps

  • INF for CH-115a
  • Tech growth on CH-115a
  • Resource outpost to be set up at RY-305c
  • Pyrgos considers a university, eyeing the future

2022-01-23T05:00:00Z 01/23 DEVLOG

  • Population continues to grow for Techs on Pyrgos and Settlers + Techs on CH-115a.
    The INF for CH-115a should be going up soon to further help and the HABs are being made for a Wildlife Park now that techs have passed 10 and can more easily grow from migration too.


  • The Resource base at RY-305c has been settled, providing FEO/CLI/AUO to the local area.
  • Warehouse built on Pyrgos (CH-771a) to allow traveling traders better access to the LM.

Next Steps

  • INF going up on CH-115a (any day now)
  • LM to RY-305c resource base
  • Wildlife Park on CH-115a (about 1-2 weeks)

2022-01-31T05:00:00Z 01/31 DEVLOG

  • Population growth update - we have spare settlers on CH-115a now and techs on Pyrgos continue to grow nicely


  • INF built on CH-115a
  • Wildlife Park to go up before next POPR (on CH-115a)
  • Second HE3 base on CH-115e to be dropped in coming days
  • first shipments of AUO, CLI and FEO have arrived from RY-305c