Bugs and Improvements

I make my yearly appeal to remove the duplicate fx markets as well, for this exact reason


I had this interaction today which caused a loss of communication for several days with a new player, and caused some frustration because of the notification overload to them, and thus, disabling of it entirely.

New players won’t know the current workaround of muting global\planet chats to disable the notifications for those chat rooms, so, I think it’s a good idea to de-sync global\planet chat from direct messages. Two different messaging services: COM (public communications) and DM (direct messages).


I played around on the test server and found the following issue with the localization:
When hitting the “setzen” button, as I usually do, it puts the current price with a ‘.’ instead of a ‘,’
But with the german localization this is interpreted as 3200.0 instead of 32.0
For completeness, here is how is should insert the value.


Good catch, we’ll get that fixed before the German version goes live! Thank you!

Castillo-Ito Mercantile introduction text
“Combined, the company’s net worth easily surpases that of most smaller European countries”
surpases should be surpasses

Any update on this issue? We can’t run governor programs:

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I am now looking into these issues. I hope to deploy a fix by tomorrow afternoon.


Can you please check if this works now?

The LR screen is back to working at least for me :+1:

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Do we have any update on the AML and CHP production queues listing SIO or NA instead of the primary product.
Looks like a simple re-ordering of the reaction products would work.

On the Ship Flight Control buffer can we have the ‘unload on arrival’ status shown at all times rather than just when planning the flight.
Remembering if a ship has been instructed to dump cargo on arrival is tricky when it takes more than a day to arrive.

Hi, so I have a few ideas for improvements / features:

  • price alarms for items in the CX using the existing notification feature
  • order histories for items in the CX, ideally fulfilled and unfulfilled ones
  • some kind of shopping list you can tick off ideally including the price ranges at a selected CX
    • this could also include the option to post orders right away
    • maybe this could be combined with the price alarms
    • could also have some kind of templating feature so you can for example save your “supplies for 10 days” and create a new list of that next time

I hope they can be looked into for future updates.


Appears to be a formattig error in the ship flight control screen, The km and parsec should be seperate

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The APEX text seems to be broken on the left half of the screen.

There is some weird parsing going on on the test servers:

It seems to have to do with the new planet name linking. It catches all the letters a-f at the end of words and tries to interpret them as PLI links.
Some numbers seem to be affected as well.

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It’s likely a rarely used buffer but the FX conversion charts (FXPC) buffer only displays “Component failed to render” to me an all currency pairs.

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Hopefully this isn’t a duplicate (did search as best as I could). There are few instances where the planet naming changes for named systems with unnamed planets. Ebisu F is sometimes still JS-952F (sample attached)

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The wording for “The contract with {partner} is about to be breached. {Partner} must take action to allow or deny an extension.” is incorrect.

In this example, I was the one that needed to extend it.

The wording should be either:

The contract with {partner} is about to be breached. You have 24 hours to extend the contract or declare it in breech.


The contract with {partner} is about to be breached. {Partner} has 24h to extend it to allow you to fulfill your conditions.

The choice of notification would depend on if the first pending line item is your partner’s or yours.

Given that INV can also take an address (e.g. INV VH-331 to show all inventories in Hortus), update the text help for the command to indicate that addresses and identifiers are also accepted.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 1.16.27 PM

The help should be:

  • (Inventory or Address)
  • Display a specific inventory or all inventories located at the address

Related note / bug: the warehouses associated with a CX do not show up in the corresponding system inventory listing (INV VH-331 will not show a warehouse at Hortus station, but will show the inventories of warehouses on Promitor and Avalon)

Thanks I created tickets for this!