Bugs and Improvements


Available space on Montem looks fine, Vallis not so much after i built a CLR and ELP.

Also the sections buffer is empty.


Can you please try to log out and in again and check if the problem persists?


Okay, seems okay now.


News from the Bugfront

Remaining amount 6, market only shows 2.


Which one is the correct one?

When I log in now and see the public value it’s two. When you reload your client and look at the internal order, does it stay at 6 or is two now as well?


It’s like in the screenshots above, CXOS and CXO shows 6, CXOB 2.
To be honest, i think 2 is the correct amount and there is just a trade of 4 units missing, but i’m not completely sure, because this order is several weeks old.

Looking at the chart, there was a sale of 4 units on 23.4.


That’s a kind of bug I am surprised not to have seen earlier. It’s still any ugly one, though :slight_smile:


Well, deleting the order, because no more AL was on the market, gave me 4 AL.


I think I bought that AL 28 days ago, there was some unusual display in the market (seller’s name was corrupted) but the purchase went through on my end. I’ll screenshot it if I see it again.


Improvement idea(s):

  • When entering a price in the trade window, you are allowed to type with comma as decimal seperator without any information it is not recognized. Maybe you should convert it while entering or show a warning.
  • After logging in the command line shows “Illegal command” without entering something


I don’t know where this fits on the spectrum of That’s Interesting to That Shouldn’t Work but a ship will still fly when you use the fuel compartment for storage so I thought I’d point it out.


Upps :slight_smile: I will fix that!


Hahahaha, love the Beer in the Fuel Tank. :smiley:


I recently ran out of rations(I’m not too sure accutally I think they may have been deleted, but I could be wrong). Anyway the issue is that I can no longer buy rations from any of the three active markets.

EDIT: attached image. Just to confirm none of the buttons in the supply and demand collusion work


I’m about 95% certain that the Hydration Timeout error that’s cropping up all over today is the one I saw before.


first impressions of first access:

this is the base section construction buffer BSC

the basic structural element and basic deck element icons are partially occluded by the count needed, enough to change those Es into Fs

It’d be nice if the default UI scaling didn’t do that.

EDIT: another


There are a lot of different combinations here that all have the same name. It would be nice if they could be differentiated somehow, if the recipe name didn’t have to exactly match the output.
Labelling some as “Rations (algae)” would be helpful, for instance.

Or perhaps go another way entirely - one “Rations” entry which enables 3 additional selections: algae/protein, nuts/vegetables, and maize/grains.


Thanks, will create a ticket for that one!


Improvement: trash can

One issue I had with the alpha before First Access is with resource extractors that simultaneously produce two or more commodities. In my case it was FEO and SIO.

While they were being produced in roughly equal quantities, very quickly one became economically worthless to me but the other remained quite useful. Since they were both quite heavy, I had to deal with the worthless one just to have capacity to continue to produce the other. However, there was no exchange on the planet so it consumed quite a bit of my time and fuel to move the useless SIO to a neighboring planet where I could dump it on the exchange.

It would be useful to have a way to abandon economically encumbering goods. Also, I suspect that the exchanges will eventually have fees associated with them, so that route will become even more inefficient.

Another possibility - if it were possible to select which materials were produced? If my extractors did not create the SIO in the first place I would not have needed to remove it.


bug: ship displays wrong fuel amount

in my ship details pane the amount of FTL fuel is mis-reported. instead of the quantity of fuel it reports the weight