Bugs and Improvements


They have nothing to eat, so no motivation to work :slight_smile:


How about motivation for having proper housing and some nice drinks?

Those luxury apartments weren’t cheap and why should i even provide them in the first place, when they’re as happy as living in tents and dehydrating?

I also recognized BMS having a huge impact on settlers and production times are fine without.


I’d love to take a screenshot, but…

I built my first colony. And now the game won’t load. No idea what’s going on.


Maybe the server was down for a bit? All is normal on my end right now. Does is work again for you?

I also have things to report:

  1. I had two ships stationed at a Commodity Exchange. I couldn’t sell some goods I had in the cargo hold of one ship. After dragging it into the other ship’s cargo hold, I was able to sell it immediately.
  2. I just sent a ship on its way that, according to the Flight Control buffer, would take 10 days to reach its destination. However, when I sent it on its way, the actual flight duration in the Fleet buffer was down to 3 days. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had exactly 10 STL fuel, which was exactly the amount needed for the flight. That’s also why I managed to get ridiculously long flight times by setting the usage to a low percentage:



Got home. Tried 2 different computers on my home network (previous was my pc at work) and get the same thing. Never completes login, just spins and spins and spins.


@Mjeno, @bairloch I will look into these issues!


You can remove storage weight in a base by putting the product up for sale. Then when you need the oroduct just put something else you don’t need at a stupid high price and cancel the sell order. If you put the price at a stupid high level you basically have infinite storage without needed to build any additional storage units.


Sorry for the inconvenience, @bairloch! :confused: I hope molp gets to the bottom of this soon.


Heh, it’s alpha. I’m just glad I id’d a bug. I was starting to feel like a slacker.


Please wait, bug initialising

I closed the window, the landplot is yellow now, it consumed my LLS, but i haven’t any access to a colony on Montem.
PROD and BS from the sidebar are loading infinitely, glad i have a proper base screen and don’t have to guess the number behind the PROD command.

Edit: Everything is “in progress” now, ships won’t fly, market orders can’t be set up and production orders won’t go to the queue.


colonies are a b***h, amiright?


Yep, there is a bug with colonies, we are aware. Unfortunately the timing is pretty bad, as I am currently traveling to Berlin and Martin is busy with other things. I will try to fix this towards the end of the week.


hey, it’s why we play alphas. to find this stuff. glad to “help”.


I am back! Thanks much!


Thanks for the fast fix!


Not sure if anyone has pointed this one out. When I scroll horizontally on a production window, it gets cut off. Here the buffer is all the way to the left.

And here it is scrolled all the way to the right. Note the vertical scroll bar went with the buffer contents and didn’t stay put on the right side. That is the cut-off point. (red arrow)


OK, now this one’s odd. My production lines say they were done hours ago. (red arrow) So I thought maybe my inventory was full and they couldn’t clear their output hoppers. But that isn’t it either. (green arrow)


Yes, this bug has been reported before, but thanks for pointing it out, we need to fix that!


That is weird. Do you still encounter the bug? Or is it gone?


looks like it cleared up… and left me with a bunch of empty production queues. :confused: