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What’s wrong with that?


You might have to set the fuel usage higher. It’s possible that your spacecraft comes in at an inconvenient angle and can’t catch up with the orbiting planet. There’s no appropriate error message for that yet, but it’s coming. :slightly_smiling_face: If that doesn’t solve it, @molp or @martin might know what’s up.


Just wanted to mention it, bairloch managed to get there with about 7h travel time, don’t know if he used 20 stl fuel, but i remember there was a setting with about 8h and 10 stl fuel, but i can be immanent sometimes and i didn’t wanted that :roll_eyes:


Since the planets move slowly, some (very slow) routes do not work all the time. We need to add a proper error message though.


Those experts are linked to a planet, so i can’t move them to another colony of mine, right?


That’s right! Right now, the expert system is an experimental feature and if we decide to keep it, we might add more to it later (like moving them between bases or “selling” to other players)


How it should look when I log in:

How it actually looks when I log in:

The reason I think this is a bug is because the extractor works just fine.


Thanks for reporting the bug! This is a bug that bothers us for a long time now… Unfortunately we haven’t found the cause yet. If you are willing to spend some time try to duplicate that screen and delete the old one. Please let us know if that fixes the problem.


I recreated the screen for a second time and it works fine on the second screen now.
I did some testing around the issue though:

  1. If I enter another illegal command then it will go to the new illegal command on restart.
  2. If I enter a different correct command that’s completely unrelated then it will go back to the last illegal command entered.
    3.It only changes when I log off, not when I switch screens
  3. Made changes to the screen then befoire logging off I opened a new browser. So changes weren’t saved and transferred.

Its 100% related to server saving. I’m not sure how changes are saved on the client side, ie before log off, or if its saved at all. However I presume you then send that to the sever so if I login else where it will work fine.

This means its could be a client to server error? Perhaps the server isn’t being updated properly for that tile when changes are made to it? Then when I relogin I download the information from the server thus deleting the client side information and replacing the tile with an error. My guess would be its probably related to an if or switch statement error somewhere.

Let me know if there is any testing you’d like me todo involving the tile.


Thanks for trying it out! All changes that are made to a screen are instantly synchronized with the server. It looks like the screen gets somehow into an erroneous state and is saved that way on the server, and thus the errors persists.


Crew of the Event Horizon says the recent hyperjump to Promitor was a hell of a trip :ghost:

Now the ships drive can bend time and space.

Final picture is coming soon™, but i think you can figure out, where this is heading.

Well, it didn’t moved the planet this time, but the ship took quite a jump to reach the planet.

Also the ship takes quite an odd path to escape the planets gravity to activate its FTL, right into the gravity of the sun, but welp, it’s named Event Horizon for a reason, i guess.
Or is it just a swing-by?


Thanks for the bug report :slight_smile: Will look into the Event Horizon’s STL drive logs.


oh, sweet space travel, why is the hyperjump re-entry point fixed, that doesn’t make sense to me


I can see the distance being fixed, but not the point itself. I mean, everything else is moving, why not that? makes no sense. And fixing it inside orbits? Huh?


I understand, dropping into a system closer to the target planet would make sense. Since the planets move around, it’s kind of weird that the entry point is fixed. However, @molp surely knows the reason. I imagine it’s either of technical nature or because of how the spacecraft work in the game’s universe. If not, let’s put it in the backlog. :smile:


I see, some explanation is necessary :slight_smile:

The point where ships exit from the FTL jump is always 0.5 AU from the destination planet, in the direction of the star the ship is coming from. In the three images @Prosac posted this point seems to be fixed, since he took the screenshots one after another and the planet hasn’t moved in between the screenshots. The ship’s approach gets longer the less fuel he spends, because after exiting and slowly moving towards the planet the planet moves away in this example.

If you calculate the same flight a few days apart, the entry point would move accordingly to the planet’s movement.


Thanks, i think i understand it now.
I was a bit confused, because of the flight path from/to Promitor, which was a straight line, right away from the planet.


And that’s the official re-entry point:

Something is obviously wrong there.


Ok, that seems off. I’ll look into it! Thanks


Instant regret to have built a hab for my technicians, they not even got a tiny gain of 1%.