Bugs and Improvements

improvement: default behavior for ship flight

by default a ship will burn half of it’s remaining fuel for a journey. this is an awful idea in almost every situation.

could the default be set to minimum? or perhaps if the desire is for the interface to teach that the fuel consumption is on a slider then put it at five percent?


Thanks, I created a ticket for that bug!

Yes, setting the slider initially to a lower value would probably help. Additionally we will have to add another indication of high fuel usage


improvement: default behavior for ship flight #2

Already one player has stranded themselves without fuel.

Although the ability for ships to orbit planets is very cool the default behavior is to hide the total amount of fuel needed for a trip. In nearly every case a player will want to travel from planet to planet, at least for now. Yet the button “surface landing” to complete the trip and spend more fuel in the process defaults to OFF.

Could the ship flight control be changed to include a surface landing by default.


FeO + C -> Fe ok
but Fe + O -> STL? that’s not how I remember steel is being produced :wink:

Improvement: Allow us to sort the CXOS window columns

I am specifically interested in the “Status” column. I want all my unfilled orders at the top. I don’t want to delete my filled orders as I like having the records of who my biggest customers are. However, it is annoying me enough that they are sprinkled in between the unfilled orders that I just might have to. I can see uses for sorting by other columns too, such as seeing all the orders for specific items grouped up or seeing all the orders for specific exchanges grouped up.


Improvement: Don’t drop the minutes on a time requirement that includes days.

Example: NUT claims it takes 2 days and 5 hours to produce. However, it really takes 2 days, 5 hours, and 27 minutes.

Reason: This is a spreadsheet game, and in a spreadsheet game, a half an hour difference can add up quickly over time. Taking the numbers as they are now, it would appear that NUT is faster than GRN, MAI, HCP, and BEA. However, it is exactly the same. This could be very misleading.


That’s actually what the process is about, though: Iron has carbon impurities and you need an oxidizer to get them out to produce steel. Our recipe just reduces the process to the chemical basics :wink:

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improvement: Additional sorting for INVP

It would be nice to be able to group base inventory items together by commodity type. I need to check worker consumables frequently but there is currently no way to make them sit next to each other. I also sometimes struggle when planning a base expansion because the building materials are scattered around. It may be a while before I have fuel to spare, but seeing both FF and SF together would have been helpful before.


What if we had a global toggle to alternate the display of all countdown timers for flight and production between:
the current one which rounds off a bit
one which will display the remaining duration in terms of minutes and 10ths of minutes


bug: COCG bonus

I don’t know exactly what’s going on in this image. It might be that the Education Event: Pioneers is giving too much bonus. Tested by switching to the Agriculture Campaign, it’s not merely a display error.

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I would be fine with the current one and one that is exclusively hours and minutes (no days). I feel like minutes only would be too specific. Good idea though!

Thanks for catching this one! The workforce programs should only give 10% boost, the industry campaigns 25%. I fixed it, will be available with the next release. Until then, enjoy the additional 15% :wink:

Is it a bug if, as of this morning, my work has blocked access to apex.prosperousuniverse.com?
For shame.

Now my browser is throwing errors about your security certificate…

That sounds a lot like your employer’s proxies interfering with your web traffic.

Yeah, but just wondering why it’s only you. I’m on IRE’s mud sites, several other gaming news and gaming websites, and, obviously, these forums and that’s all good. But apex throws an error about the cert. shrug

Also, I could do it yesterday, but not today. Just odd. And thought you might want to know.

edit: maybe I should write in English :wink:

the CONS list used to be sorted alphabetically, I think. even if not, would be good if it were, but isn’t for me anymore. getting harder to find someone with the new players joining


Currently, buildings that do not have any active production orders require full staffing. This reduces the efficiency of buildings that do have active production orders if there is insufficient population to fully staff all buildings.

Four options I can see are:

  1. No change, the system is working as intended.

  2. Reduced staffing levels for buildings that do not have any active production orders. This would allow for “basic maintenance and upkeep” of the facility.

  3. No staffing requirements for buildings that do not have any active production orders.

  4. Prioritized staffing requirements whereby production facilities receive staffing based on their order in the production lines dialogue.

Considering the capital investment requirements of new facilities, it does not make much economic sense to leave viable production facilities in an unproductive state. This issue primarily affects new players where more production buildings than can be reliably staffed may be produced with the materials that are supplied.