Blank Screen at connexion to Apex Console

My user name is Alex_Ringess ingame.
I’m connecting to the game with Opera.
The game worked well until now.
Each time I try to connect to Apex Console, I have a blank screen.
FYI, I made few COLIQ recently.
This happened when I’ve got a notification. The screen then refreshed and I’ve got a blank screen.
I tried to connect with Chrome and Edge, and my regular browser (Opera) both in public and private session and I’ve got the same blank screen.
I provided a screen shot of the blank screen and of the Opera console.

Please help.

Here is the debug console from Chrome.
It’s more detailed.

Fixed it, please try again.

Many thanks !
It’s working well now ^^
Have a good day.

Hi again @molp
So, blank screen at startup again, without reasons. Well, in fact no. When I logoff 1hr later, I had no notifications. When I logon again few minutes later, I saw a notification on the name of the tab.
It seems that it was a temporary fix.

It seems it has to do with parking a ship in orbit. If I remember correctly I have filed a bug for that in our tracker. Please land your ships for now.

I’d like to do but I can’t.

I paid for a pro account with the expectation that I’ll be able to play whenever I want without having that kind of annoying bugs blocking me just because I wasn’t in front of my computer when a ship arrived at destination and parked itself in orbit.
If it was a game like Star Citizen or Eve Online, I could find it acceptable.
Not here.
SO please fix it.

Edit : it’s working now so thank you.
I hope I’ll haven’t to post something here about the same old bug…

@molp so stuck again with the blank screen. And I have no ship parked in orbit. They are all in transit actually. But I had a notification and I’m now pretty sure the pb comes with these notification that, sometimes, trigger something that cause the bug.

Every day, few times a day, the pb happens too many times for my taste. Gonna loose patience.

Please, fix it.

No, the bug is triggered when you park a ship in orbit, as it happened right now:

I moved the ship to the surface to fix it. Please always perform surface landings for the time being. The fix will be deployed with the next maintenance update.

Ah ok !
Do you now the eta for the next maintenance update, so i’ll stop any travel operation until it ?

No, we don’t have an ETA yet, but you don’t really need to stop flying your ships. Just make sure the “surface landing” option is enabled when starting a flight. It is the default behavior, so you should be fine.

@molp Sorry to annoying you again with that but I just abort a flight and the ship parked itself in space, so I’m stuck again with the blank screen (note for myself : always activate automatic landing AND never abort a flight if you don’t want to get your ship parked in space).

Can you please fix it for me ?
Many thanks.

Sure, not problem. Done.

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