Apothecary's Governership Update - Mad's Style

Since apparently everyone has one of those, let’s get one too!

This one will be very simplistic until populous. It is there to remain transparent

on 2020-08-15 was the first COGC upkeep under ILT leadership. The previous was almost fully paid beforehand.

Since Apothecary is not a CX planet, a small ajustement as been made to cover shipping fee.

This puts the Apothecary Governership Wallet at (20.280) ICA. Next update coming tomorrow with the first payout.


First divident is in

Puts the wallet up to (11.070) ICA

Assuming the figure will go up somewhat next payout as long production chains come round. Be interesting to see how much…

I wonder if it might be simpler to just give a general shipping fee, i’m assuming you’re just paying yourself, and for ~1,000 it seems fairly below market rates so i have zero issue with that so just trying to think what might be easier for you and a bit clearer.

Also can i just confirm you mean -11,070… As in you are owed 11,000.

I did estimate around 78-80k profit from taxes, so I really hope it goes back up :slight_smile:

For shipping I could up it to around 8k/ trip? Also, to be faire, I did pay less than the prom prices for RAT and have tons of DW produced. I am not too worried about 1 or 2 ICA per unit here!

And yea (11.070) = -11.070

As leader of the opposition I can confirm i won’t be worrying about 1-2 ICA for RATs or DW.

I too hope it goes up and goes up quickly. This again further shows the need for governor bankaccounts. Non company switching. Money does in to it regardless. Pre-ADM the amount just gets stockpiled or automatically sent to the magical bank accounts of the factions.

Second corp divident is in, still a bit low to my taste!

Total is now 9.500 ICA

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COGC paid a few days ago

Cost of 20.956 ICA, bringing it down to (11.546) ICA

some money coming in!

25.410 ICA brings it up to 13.864 ICA

Where’s the ()'s for negative numbers come from? It’s really messing with my mind. But i’m glad to see the taxes have risen to the kind of numbers you’d predicted.

Nice to see some teamwork and specially the excel.cheers! Maybe you guys can role play in the thread to make it more interesting. There are many players (including myself) who like to read. -:slight_smile:

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more money in the pocket

so far every populous building has been paid out from pocket, so didn’t take those into account

we are up to 41.084 ICA in the wallet

think they came from accounting? not sure

Was also expecting more around 80k, but guess the math are a bit off :slight_smile: long queue for chemistry!

Correct. Accounting standards use ( ) to denote a negative value. ( ) are far easier to read than a -.

Source: Tax accounting in my younger days.

well some small updates

Some money came in! with got the wallet up to 70.444 ICA

Part of the COGC was paid for a total of 11.440 ICA. Remaining was paid by two locals! Brings us down to 59.004 ICA

Now comes the fun part! Around 350k has been invested to put up the current infrastructure. I have kinda lost track of the recurring cost of them, and with the prices still swinging a lot, I will try to pin down our weekly cost for them during the week. For now, I have considered that expenses to have come from my wallet until I can confirm the taxes can pay for the COGC + POP buildings.

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