Apothecary's Governership Update - Mad's Style

more moneychrome_2020-10-18_20-01-57

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more money https://i.imgur.com/8g1qPM4.png

as discussed in COM channel, gonna upgrade SST to at least 4 and INF to 3 ASAP, hopefully will fix our lack on happiness right now!

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https://i.imgur.com/rsWvyk9.png money

SST got upgraded to 4, INF next

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apparently missed that one

Also INF is now level 4

Just want to once again reiterate how I think you’re doing a great job Mad. I can understand it isn’t the most fruitful job currently and might be difficult seeing the Techs go down, so i just wanted to say this again :slight_smile:



Also, new building this week! SDP got built

Finally shout out to us for being the first to stabilize a large pop of techs! Thanks to the donations to the PAR! Hopefully new mechanics will make them grow back fast!

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Hey all,

Quick note to say I will be running my last governorship month (assuming I win?)

Reason is simple enough. I don’t feel like this game is worth a sub in it’s current state. Since they announced it will become sub base in 2020, well that doesn’t leave much time :slight_smile:

This greatly saddens me but if the joy is gone or the money is not viable, that is fair.


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cash still a bit under current needs but we got 200 tech this week!

If anyone plans on putting AMLs on Apothecary for the incoming update, please drop me a DM so we can arrange getting consumables together for the POPI

had to dig to find this thread

stonks are achieved

New ART this week is up and running

Also looking for help to supply lower tier consus (in term of shipping/organisation). It’s getting rough to keep everything fed!

Hopefully we will get 3/3 on the SST and INF this week to keep the tech/eng pop growing!

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Also shoutout to all the AML dudes (except that one dude who is too cool for it) who helped out as asked! Tech pop growed nicely and we are almost done with it :slight_smile:

Goal will be to stabilize tech pop and start shrinking pio/set. I will continue to grow INF/SST a bit to reduce shipping loads needed


INF lv5 gifted by CP this week
SST lv5 done

HAB for lv2 PAR have been acquired! Gonna have it done within a week or two

You didn’t say stonks?!?!?!

no stonks! (post must be at least 20 characters)

HOS incoming soonish

sad stonks.jpeg

HOS’s stuff finished today, should be up by next week!