Adding Bios to the starter planet select page

sooo. I have an idea.
When new people join, they select the planet they start on, however, the information on that screen is not very good.
So why not add a bio for each planet, one written by a resident of that planet explain the use that planet has in the general economic cog of the 'verse.
That way it can add a lot more flavour to the game and hopefully give more information in starting and also increase player retention.

P.S. Nick is doing an amazing job, the amount of new players are amazing.


A feature we’ve been waiting for for a while, but yes, one that would help player retention.

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I think it would be a good idea. Improving the faction descriptions should help somewhat though in very short term. But individual planet ones would help a lot with pointing new players in useful directions.

I’d imagine something more like:

‘Montem is the capital of NEO Charter and widely regarding as the construction capital of the galaxy. Famed for its Iron and Limestone which are the basic building blocks of construction parts for most buildings’

‘Umbra has become a crucial planet for Castillo-Ito, not just due to it’s proximity to Katoa and the Exchange but with it’s easily accessible Hydrogen making it a key part of Fuel and Chemistry production.’

(Written quickly as general examples to try and fit the current framework of current Faction statements)

I like the idea. Since we’ll be touching the sign-up flow again soon, we might have an opportunity to add something of that sort (generally adding more “flavour”).