1st big haiku contest

Welcome to my first big haiku contest.
i hope it will become monthly event
first topic will be FTL travel
for next two weeks anyone can post haiku about it and then i will choose 5+ i like most and create public pool. and voting will take place over another two weeks
winner will receive FTL ship with large cargo bay. full list of components bellow
pick up only on Hephaestus
additionally 200SF to get to Antares Station
and if winner have only FREE or BASIC account - 1 month licence key


Pioneer. Time. Space.
Left behind / forgotten face.
New life? A new place.



Arrive then I leave
Violate causality
I’ll see myself out

Insitor Corps, prepare
Now I’m here, now I’m there
Everything, everywhere

Faster than light?
That causes paradoxes.
Oh! Hi Grandpa!

FTL’s active, blue sparks emanate.
I see you here, see you there,
Our ship flying through lightyears.

A frequented light
Lonely captain sits idle
Cargo talks to him


Einstein says no but,
Money moves faster than light
When we fly in PrUn.


Move faster than light,
To get my goods to market,
Zoop from here to there,

I really like that one.

Solomon Epstein
We thank you for your engine
Ring gates are better

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Before there were ships,
Planets were just lonely rocks.
They are all ours now.

FF costs rising
In conflict with my profits
Where’s the HE3?

I will beat the light,
Look back to see dinosaurs,

Commerce out of time
Haul’ed with techno-magic.
Can it go faster?

Into the rupture
Shall a single star ship fly,
Frequencies alligned

Captain, your orders?
Initiate warp seqeunce,
Breach into the void

Fly faster than light,
but still takes too long at all.
Accept the limit!

Warp drive jumping ships

A spacetime bubble riders’

Unto endless quest

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