1st big haiku contest

A space pioneer.
My airtight covered wagon
Goes faster than light.

Ripples in spacetime
Created by dancing stars
As they intertwine

  • SeaPear
    .-… … …-. . / … … / …-. — .-. - -.-- / - .-- —
  • TheNegotiator
    A frequented light
    Lonely captain sits idle
    Cargo talks to him
  • Emperyan
    Einstein says no but,
    Money moves faster than light
    When we fly in PrUn.
  • Ogrebeef-Backkicker
    Solomon Epstein
    We thank you for your engine
    Ring gates are better
  • TheEnvoy
    Before there were ships,
    Planets were just lonely rocks.
    They are all ours now.
  • frameofdeath123
    Captain, your orders?
    Initiate warp seqeunce,
    Breach into the void
  • RayKowalchuk
    A space pioneer.
    My airtight covered wagon
    Goes faster than light.

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For those who can’t read morse code…
.-… … …-. . / … … / …-. — .-. - -.-- / - .-- — = “Life is forty two”.

Got my starter ships
Warping to arclight, I realize
Ship is out of fuel

oops i forgor it ended

He writes a haiku.
“Oops I forgot it ended.”

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Starter Tank so small
I look upon stars alone
Places I can’t go

refine together
helium and hydrogen
process for three hours

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I am crying right now this is so beautiful. Please vote for this one just do it for the memes

A bubble? Send the interdiction nullifiers!

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First big haiku contest is over.
Congratulations to Emperyan


Thank you to everyone who voted and a huge thank you to Kapusta for sponsoring the contest!

what do you mean? now you are going to tell me what I should write?

It was a joke. It refers to EVE Online and the bubbles there. Interdiction nullifiers are ship modules there that counter warp bubbles. I thought you were referring to EVE Online too.

But now as I think about it, your haiku rather refers to Alcubierre warp drive, doesn’t it?

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Yang_Mills and mottin
EVE something something bubbles.
It’s just a joke, bro.

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