Your feedback on the factions of Prosperous Universe


As you might have seen on our new website we added quite a bit of content and background story to Prosperous Universe.

PU will have five different factions that the players can join when creating their in-game company. Each of them has a different background story, different currencies and have found colonies in different regions of the universe. While we are pretty happy with general backstories of the factions (not too cheesy, are they?) we had some problems finding fitting names for the colonies of the Castillo-Ito Mercantile faction.

We need your help! We have names for the systems of the Castillo-Ito Mercantile colonies, but not the planets! If you have suggestions let’s hear them! They might make it in the game :slight_smile:

The systems are:

  • Daikoku System
  • Ebisu System
  • Benten System
  • Hotei System


Hi everyone,

at first, I really like the backstorys, it will be hard to decide one of them :wink: also i think they are very realistic.

My suggestions for the Planet names are:

  • Proxion
  • Maple
  • Robino
  • Indigor
  • Unicord (don’t like this one, but my brain didn’t stop screaming at me :joy:)
  • Jufalla
  • Terroria
  • Oblates
  • Ice Dunkin
  • Alpha Neo
  • Gamma Radion
  • Frillis
  • Hopur


  • Brotato
  • Xania
  • Per
  • Nirn
  • Pirum
  • Cucurum
  • Alea
  • Sudario
  • Vigilata
  • Mane Avis
  • Terra Terminus
  • Cubitum
  • Cavae Petram
  • Nigrum Lux


  • Sol Veritas
  • Gravidus Lignum
  • Quillin
  • Xarxes
  • Instar Indicis
  • Tonitrus
  • Domum
  • Liberi Lignum
  • Ollam
  • Pila Fulgur
  • Iterarus

I hope this matches your liking or atleast inspire you.

Greetings PatteKi

Thanks for the inspiration @patteki! From you suggestions I like Proxion, Indigor and Domum best!


Here some ideas from my side…

  • Coedeius
  • Ennaia
  • Drelbo
  • Corius (or Korius, sounds a little bit stronger)
  • Bedezorus
  • Omurux
  • Otrarvis
  • Eskeostra

Borges - Daikoku System
Isidoro - Ebisu System
Francisco - Benten System
Acevedo- Hotei System

…and I like the factions. No, not too cheesy. Really hard to be original and still realistic, all the while making it, you know, good.

Question, is it your intention that players will pick their faction? If so what would be the incentive to ally with the Antares Initiative? Seems like one would be starting from a disadvantage (or is their some sort of beginning assets set that makes it worthwhile?)

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@skywalker74 Korius sounds good! I also like Otrarvis, but struggle with the second “r” when trying to speak it out loud :slight_smile:. Is it a fantasy name or based on a spanish word?

@Widdershins I really like your idea of using the names of an existing person! While looking for names we also came up with similar ideas, hence the systems are named after japanese gods.

Concerning the factions: Players will have to choose one when starting a new company in PU. The descriptions on the website are part of their respective backstories and we are trying to set the mood and feel for them. We haven’t fully designed them yet, especially considering the starting assets. But you are right, the text alone suggests that there are severe disadvantages and we probably should rewrite it a bit.

Good morning from germany everyone,

Maybe the Antares Initiative could have some benefits in medicine and healthness, cause they are well selected persons from earth or at least their children, so they are well adapted living outside of earth maby with lower gravity and so on, also they could be well in recyling things and get more out of the natural resources (don’t know if this a thing) :slight_smile:

Also, their general approach to things might be low-tech, but that makes it reliable. :wink:


More fantasy than real spanish :smiley: I tried to make it longer in the middle with the second “r” like “Otraaaavis” but your right, its may difficult depending on the own native language (in may case german).

What´s about … “Otraviis”? It´s another direction in the pronounciation, maybe a better?

Korius is my favorite, too! :smile:

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I got no planet name ideas, but I’m going to go ahead and add my two cents on the factions since it’s the discussion title. :slight_smile:

I feel like, from those short descriptions, the factions should turn out to be fairly unbalanced or at least very asymmetric in the game. Especially the Exodus Council appears to have a big financial bonus. Not saying it’s a bad thing – and if that’s what you wanted to convey, all the better.

Really enjoying the background stories. Quick side question though: Why didn’t humanity colonize planets and moons in their solar system instead of going through the trouble of building generation ships?

Hi Mjeno,

One reason could be there was only 100 Years left but to establish an self efficent colony for example on mars requiers an terra forming or so witch will took way longer then 100 years. Also there are not that many plantes in our solarsystem that are in side of the habitable zone only venus, earth and mars
Venus: is way to hot and has an extrem dense atmosphere
Earth: get possible destroyed
Mars: is to light to hold an dense enought atmosphere and has no magnetic field

greetings PatteKi

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Thanks for your explanation! Was thinking something along these lines. :slight_smile: So the new planets in those other systems must be habitable or at least more terraform-able for the long voyage to make sense.

so that are my thoughts about this, but there are also big problems with interstellar travel:

  • First you have to speed up to lets say to around 10% Light speed therefore you need really a good amount of energy also you need the same energy to break if you arrive your destination.
  • also you need a energy source for this long long journey, but solar cells like today on the ISS or Satellites don’t work so far away from a sun.
  • also there is a lot of interstellar radiation outside of the solar system so you need at least a very good shield or so

So there are also a lot of problems with interstellar travel, but with a look to the game, we can be glad they decided *will decide?!;)) to move to other solar systems.


I go with the same opinion about faction background stories as mentioned before. They sound quite reasonable to me.

The one thing i can’t cope with is, how they could have discovered a global killer that early.
IIRC it’s quite difficult to spot them nowadays.
Some are just discoverd after they flown by
But i also found a hypothetical long time forecast

And about the naming, i would prefer more realistic names, with connection to the faction lore, instead of generic ones.
I think Gaia or New Eden would fit for an agricultural faction, not very creative, but they don’t get old, don’t they?
And somehow i like “Pilgrim”.

Are all celestial bodys already prenamed or will players be able to name them, like, the first one who will colonize them or by acquiring naming rights?

I think we got that covered: ‘Hortus’ is latin for garden and ‘Promitor’ is an ancient roman god (“He who distributes the grain”)

No, only the faction worlds and systems are named in the beginning. Players will be able to name systems and planets, we have to discuss though how and when this can happen.

Here’s some ideas and their sources:

Halliday (from Ready Player One)
Tannhäuser (Tannhäuser Gate is mentioned in Blade Runner)
Elysium (Sort of the Greek mythology version of heaven)
Gibson (William Gibson, author of Neuromancer)
Niflheim (Norse mythology, the “Home of Mist”, a realm of ice and cold)

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