Workforce Tab Should Tell You How Many Days Worth Of Supplies You Have In Inventory

I have a small suggestion that I think would be easy to implement. It would be nice if the workforce tab told you how many days worth of supplies you have. For example, lets say you have 100 DW in your inventory and your business consumes 10 per day. In this example the workforce tab would say somewhere “10 days of DW” or something like that.


YES, plus 20 character.

It doesn’t have to be implemented in PrUn. If we can get the amount of supplies that are taken from warehouse but are not consumed, then other tools like FIO can calculate this more accurately.

For example,

My pioneer PWO consumption is 0.2 per day. If I have 2 PWO in my warehouse, then when the consumption cycle started, 1 PWO is taken from the warehouse and I am left with 1 PWO. The workforce satisfaction value is given by the data as 1 which means 0.2 PWO.

If you try to calculate the buffer left, it would be as following:

WarehouseAmount / BurnRate
1 / 0.2 = 5 days

But that’s not actually correct since there’s 0.8 PWO is hidden in workforce that’s not consumed in the current cycle. The actual buffer left is following:

(WarehouseAmount + HiddenAmount) / BurnRate
(1 + 0.8) / 0.2 = 9 days

So, if the developers can send this 0.8 number data to the FE, tool users like me would very much appreciate it and use it to get an accurate amount of burn rate.

If this data is being added, it would be even better if consumption event time data is also added.

The extension PMMG (integrated with FIO) does this.

That extension also has the same problem of not showing hidden consumables data. It only calculates burn with what’s available in the warehouse.

This is why I was asking the PrUn developers to expose that data.

Also there just are certain things that should be easily accessible without having to use a third party addon or website.

I would say this is one of them. Using a website or addon should definitely add an edge on top, but it shouldn’t be necessary to access basic information.


I would not be able to play this game without “days until exhaustion” combined with “burn (rate)”

Using these I know exactly what I need to bring to each base, when. There is no guess work. There is no manual examination of every production line to make sure you’re bringing every required input.

This is mandatory functionality for any empire beyond one or two bases.

One could ask why it isn’t in core functionality of the game. But then one could ask why would you spend all of those dev times doing something the community has already solved when you can use dev time to do something only devs can do. For a game this small, I don’t have the right answer.