Winning Back Workers - Development Log #268

Tired of seeing your workforce disappear once new players arrive? Never fear! Molp to the rescue!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

To mitigate this I implemented a suggestion made in the forums by one of the players. Instead of re-distributing the whole population each week, every base keeps up to 75% of their workforce and only the 25% returning into the population are then re-distributed. This will give existing players on a planet plenty of time to react to the new arrivals.

@molp But this doesn’t change anything! At 2 bases now need only one report to go to 50/50. At 25% leaking rates stealer just need to wait 3 reports instead of 1 to get same result. Sorry, but system where your resources shared to other players just doesn’t make sense. Its a same as playing with shared wallet.

Also, at recent situation. @mhk settled wn-428a at this week. There was 4 users of engineers with ~200 population. He got ~40 after report, which is 20%. How change you proposing should help at this sutiation? 4 months of development and some random just come and took your population.

Shared population allow only 2 scenarios - you playing as jerk, or jerk using your resources without any way to deal with it.

PS It probably was my proposition about small leak, but it was a long ago and it can’t really help. And we really need way(s) to use our investment without sharing them to others.

Can I suggest an alternative where the percentage of workers returned to the pool is based on workforce satisfaction? If a base has 100% satisfaction for technicians due to providing all goods (rat, DW, ALE, MED, SC, HMS, and SCN) at the time of the population report and workforce redistribution, then no workers are returned to the pool. If a base does not provide luxury goods and has 79% satisfaction, then 21% of the population will be returned to the workforce pool. For bases where consumables have run out with 0% satisfaction, ALL of that workforce will be returned to the pool.

This serves the dual purpose to incentivize supplying all goods to keep your workforce satisfied, and also allows us to reclaim workforce from players that are inactive.


We have literally implemented slavery into the game.

We tell our workers how to vote, and now most can never leave their jobs.


Band-Aids on open wounds. Totally ready for subscription model.

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Thanks for your feedback. At the planetary level players will have a shared resource, the population, and will have to find ways to deal with that. This change is about to make a bit harder for new arrivals to “steal” the population right away. Once we get to other means of resource extraction (asteroid mining) for example there won’t be a shared population.

In this example the new player will have 10 out of 200 ENG in the first week. Compared to the 40 of your example this seems like an improvement. It gives time to work out a deal with the new player.

I like that idea very much and you are right, it probably makes more sense to tie the retention factor to the workforce satisfaction. The reason we didn’t implement it that way is because of time constraints. Let’s see how the simple version works and upgrade at a later time.

I take it this is a joke? The workforce is an abstraction, not actual persons :laughing:

Yeah its a joke. but In all seriousness though, based on this abstraction, workers will disperse evenly to jobs, even if some jobs pay poorly, they could go from a job that paid luxury consumables to a job that didn’t pay luxury consumables. They actually ignore their wage when deciding on which job to go to.

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When do these changes take effect? With the reset or before?

Most likely with the reset

  • Each base now generates more safety and health than before

Does that mean that the infrastructure will play even less into effect vs just doing more dummy bases?

The current system makes it very painful to expand into a new bases. Many week of waiting just to get some pop to work with. It seems to be way to hard to grow pop without open jobs (especially tech+)

I am still disappointed that PIOs and settlers take up population infrastructure without any meaningful benefits. Once a planet has a sizeable PIO population it is basically impossible to maintain high tier pop growth. Most of the high tier growth happens on infertile tier 3 planets because nobody is stupid enough to build PIO bases there.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if having 500k 36% happy PIOs did anything. If there was a weekly 1 in 100k chance for them to turn into scientists people would crave an infinite amount of PIOs but as it is right now they are useless because they do nothing but take away POPI fulfillment and that’s why people run away from the CX planets where you’d expect the most high tier pops.

Just want to chime in here and say that I am SO EXCITED that H20 weight/volume is being adjusted down. Made no sense that 10H20->7DW but H20 was ten times the weight and volume.

Stacked with the HYF change, I am pumped that it may now be feasible in the later game to set up HYFs anywhere and haul your water to them. Just seems like a cool mechanic.

Thanks for this!


Build education popi. The UNI as we found out boosts educating tiers at some ~50% -ish.

Having a high pio/settlers is actually good because of the above point. When too many pio spawn and safety/health get reduced this is not an actual issue until it actually impacts the population at higher tiers but this will not happen fast because ex : 20% culture/education can be enough for 1000 engineers/sci to be 100% happy.
So, even on CX is not hopeless, it’s in fact very good to drop an education building and let them naturally grow on jobs.