What to expect when starting your second base on a planet without population?

I’d like to settle on a planet that maybe has one other active player, no population infrastructure (or reports) and no projects other than “Population infracstrucure”.
I understand that I will get 200 pioneers with my base, but other than that?
Am I up for a futile attempt in colonising a barren rock?

There is a buff called settlers grace or something like that which boosts happiness and keeps the growth rate pegged at 100% for the first couple of weeks.

I’d advise against settling a brand new world as your 2nd base however. It will really hamper your growth compared to settling on an already developed world, especially if it had a COGC (free 25% buff).

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Assuming that I only want to run a few Extractors and a Basic Materials Plant (requirement around 400 Pioneers), would the initial boost supply with these Pioneers? I don’t plan on expanding the base anytime soon…

If you only use Pioneers, then it should be fine. They’re relatively plentiful, and happy to move to planets with terrible conditions.

You wouldn’t get all 400 at first though - you’d start with 200, and then the rest would fill up over the following few weeks, as long as there were still open jobs.

  • keep in mind that you need to pay for POP upkeep/build it
    even tho idk how hard it hits on planets with pop that low but there should be a better plant that already has some people on it

Pretty sure you don’t. Or at least it depends on your goals. I was the only player on a planet at one stage, and I just had some pioneer buildings, and I never had a problem with population.

Thanks for your replies!
I tried to settle at said planet, but failed because I didn’t know that construction materials for buildings can vary based on the planets climate/atmosphere. In my case, I would have needed huge amounts of insulation (INS) with costs going up to 300k CIS just for a basic base setup.
I will demolish the base and instead expand my HQ :slight_smile: