What to do now?


Just started playing a week ago. I’m on Promitor with Collector extracting Oxygen for direct sell, an Incenerator to get some Carbon and a Basic Material Plant. From the later, I produce some OVE for my own use and sell the excess. I also use the extracted carbon to build some SUN with the carbon I have.

I’m able to get some income from this, but I am not really sure what plan I should have.
I read that joining a corp can be fun, but I don’t really understand what I would get from this and how to find one that would accept such a small company as mine.

I saw that supply for DW and RAT on Promitor is lower than demand. I could plan of investing to produce those goods and become self sufficient. But this seems a classic thing to do, so I feel that I didn’t thought of other idea. Also, since I started with a Manufacturing package, going down this path would be appropriate in a roleplay point of view.

So now, I’m a bit lost. I feel that I’m just slowly grinding some credits on production and missing whole part of this game by either lack of knowledge or lack of imagination…

You’ve got to decide what you want to do, the gift and curse of a sandbox!

Joining a corp is something many find enjoyable. Stricly game mechanics wise it doesn’t offer too much, but most larger corporations are heavily organised on discord and such. With robust internal prices and investment opportunities. To find one I’d suggest being active in Promitor chats and one will scoop you up in no time!

Basic consumables are a classic on Promitor, for a good reason. It (and nearby planets) are pretty much the breadbasket of the universe due to fertility and water availability. But this might not be the path you enjoy most. Going into basic consumables is profitable and reliable, but perhaps too straightforward and not as engaging.

My personal suggestion would be to look at some higher tier goods. You have only Pioneers currently, consider some movement into Settlers and beyond? Maybe look at a second base on a nearby Chemistry planet, Apothecary? Or look at other CX planets.

It’s difficult for me to say what next as its very much your preference, people play the game very differently. Some big players try to do it all and make everything laterally. Others (like me) tend to focus a bit more in some key industries.

You got to find your “belief” .
I like to build things, thus I can build anything and everything.
Explore yours :slight_smile:

The two options that jump out to me are a Farmstead or a Smelter.

A Smelter would let you buy ore off the CX, combine that with the Oxygen and Carbon you already produce, and get a metal out. You could then use that metal in your Basic Material Plant (BMP) to produce more complicated items.

Alternatively, you could make a Farmstead to take advantage of Prom’s great fertility. You could either use this to make something like raw cotton to put into the BMP or whichever plant you put into the Incinerator.

It sounds like you started out well.

Joining a corp has certainly some advantages, like others allready said.
Most Corps tend to help new players with cheaper building products, like BSE/BBH/BDE, and also with consumables.

Following the global chat sure helps in finding players who are likeminded and cooperating with them.