Vote for *Firu*! --- #voteFIRU

A vote in the Promitor Election is a valuable thing. It means you have a say in the government for one of the THREE most successful commodity exchanges in the universe.

If you vote for me, Firu, then you will be using your vote to stand for something! What is that you ask? Well, like any good politicians, I stand for whatever you want me to stand for!

My ultimate campaign promise is this - no matter what I do as your future governor, I promise it will be done with the intentions to make the universe a more advanced and exciting setting for us all!

Thank you an-----

-----What do you mean this broadcast violates campaign laws? Shush! Stop saying that. Here, here. Drink more of this COF and get back to your spreadsheets. Sheesh, volunteer help. I swear… Wait, the microphone’s still on?! Damn it!

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Taylor…? TAYLOR! Is this thing on? C’mon, we have to tell the about the cult---- Wait, it’s on?

Hello dear citizens of Promitor! It is I, your candidate-for-change, Firu! As you know, I am running for a better Promitor. An exciting Promitor! However, some dark and dangerous news has just reached my desk.

The Tax Return Initiative. Gasp! Evidence has been created---- I mean discovered---- that they are nothing more than a cult! What’s that they say? They want your loyalty. They demand it! Sure, they say they will lower taxes and spread the money to the people.

It’s a lie! Only their members get that money. So, you want to reap the benefits of their “generosity”? Just abandon your current loyalties, swear fealty to the TRI gods, and get your pennies. Is a mere, few thousand ICA worth selling your soul?

Firu doesn’t think so!

So, vote FIRU! Firu for a free and exciting Promitor!

(Just a note, all my campaigning is done in-character. I love all the players and corporations. <3)


My assistant informed me that I need to clarify my plan of action for Promitor! Here we go! You better be recording this, Taylor…

#voteFIRU’s plan of action and policy

  1. Fine tune Promitor’s specialization. Define our planet beyond just our natural resources!
  2. Improve the traffic jam of shipping while making Promitor the planet-to-visit!
  3. Motivate the biggest and quietest corporation to expand into more advance industries!
  4. Make Promitor the destination for all tourism in the galaxy!.. What’s that, Taylor? I said that already? Darn it!
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