Vote for Cargo sizes for CX availability

Heya, Slomes here with 3 single choice Polls to find out,
which are the most desired Cargo kits for ships you would want to be able to buy on CX.
pick 1 per POL (cargo bay, SF tank, FF tank), thanks!

Edit: Please only vote if you have:

  • an fair understanding of the Ship building process,
    and how the parts influence the difficulty level of actually building a full ship
  • think you are wealthy enough to build it if you could buy the things needed/can’t assemble yourself
  • 100t/100m³
  • 250t/250m³
  • 500t/500m³
  • 1000t/1000m³
  • 2000t/2000m³
  • 1000t/3000m³
  • 3000t/1000m³

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  • 1500 SF
  • 3500 SF
  • 8000 SF

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  • 300 FF
  • 800 FF
  • 2000 FF

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Please also sell the other parts :sweat_smile:

I definitely think with the higher burn rate on FF engines now, the larger FF tanks make more sense. The cargo sizes really depend on use - bulk DW and RAT from Boucher and Etherwind or keeping 15 T2+ bases running?

I had made myself a little sheet to help me figure out what was optimal cargo for X MAT. Only with MAT I can see myself using a full ship tho, so not everything is in here. Hope it helps

updated with 1k/1k

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Its not for his ship.
Its for selling on market. So others dont have to build Cargoholds themselves.

I’m just saying the market for cargo holds could be pretty broad. I personally would be looking for 1k or less (almost makes engines easier). Whereas if money is less of a problem, the larger holds (with bigger engine requirements) suddenly make things easier too

What you mean bigger engine requirments?

Sorry, large emitters.

MCB is very similar in price and cost to the WCB (for the emitters and plate requirement), and its an upgrade for almost everything, at the cost of 100 FET

Good idea for a poll; it’s a market survey. Hopefully this results in producing the needed amounts of each size, rather than too many or too little of some.

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only advantage of MCB over WCB is it’s 100t lighter, which has small impact on STL, not very significant though. otherwise it’s just +2000t cargo size. I know my pick

I have placed bids for the items needed for a high volume cargo ship on the Promitor CX.

Someone just make ENGs and BR1. Everything else seems to be finding its way to market slowly

I have dumped all my cash into the markets to buy ships on both Montem and Promitor. I am paying the maximum allowed by the price band on most items.