Volunteers needed - CoGC upkeep

Hey everyone,

as you might know the Chamber of Global Commerce (CoGC) needs a certain upkeep every 10 days in order to continue working. The upkeep consists of a variable part that depends on the amount of player bases on the planet and a static part.

Since we are currently in a very early stage the static part cannot be fulfilled, since no one has produced any solar panels (SP) yet. To keep the CoGCs running I need a volunteer for each CoGC who will receive the necessary SP and contribute it.

Please post below for which CoGC you want to contribute. One player per CoGC is enough. I will transfer the SPs within the next few days.


  • Daikoku - CI 1 (NB-629b)
  • Ebisu - CI 2 (NB-477c)
  • Benten - CI 3 (NB-654c)
  • Hortus - Promitor (FE-391c)
  • Moria - Montem (JU-566b)
  • Moria - Vallis (JU-566a)

Thanks for your help!

I could do it in Montem in the Moria system. :slight_smile:

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Put me down for Promitor.

Daikoku - CI 1 (NB-629b)

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And I can handle Vallis

@Mjeno, @martin, @Rumble, @Castinar You all should find 2 units SP in your base inventories. Thanks for helping out!

Any volunteers for Benten and Ebisu?

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I can help out on Ebisu. How often do we get the SPs and need to contribute them?

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Thanks. The CoGCs need upkeep every 10 days. I’ll transfer SP as long as the players want to keep their CoGCs running and there are no SP sell orders on the markets.

Sorry to kick up a dead thread, but do all of the contribution criteria have to be met to maintain the upkeep of the CoGC? The one on Montem is currently on strike (missing all SP and PE, and a lot of DW and RAT).

Yes, they do! @molp, want to throw another round? :wink:

I can do this for Daikoku, as it seems nobody there is doing it anymore. Otoh, it wouldn’t help much, since I strongly doubt we (the players there) will be able to contribute the other things in the requested amount every 10 days.

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