Vallis Governorship Thread - discern style

Hey everyone! A number of planets have their own governance threads, and it’s about time Vallis got one as well!

I’ll be using this thread to keep track of links to our spreadsheets and any other links needed. I will of course be posing in the in-game chat and the Unified Faction Operations discord for Vallis as well with any announcements, as not everyone wants to look here or use discord.

The goals of my governorship are as follows:

  • make sure the office of governor is separate from corporations and not used to benefit them
  • provide transparency into budgeting and plans
  • poll residents for which projects to prioritize
  • keep taxes at a minimum
  • get a CoGC up as soon as possible
  • make sure all government payments go through a fair bidding system, giving all residents the opportunity to provide materials and get paid for them
  • write even more long lists

I’ll stop this particular post here and link to my transparency spreadsheet.

May Vallis prosper!


On the topic of our previous governor, Broot:

A few weeks ago Broot essentially went MIA and stopped responding and logging into PrUn. As he is in a solo corp, this meant that he was in possession of a couple months of Vallis’s tax money all to himself, which cannot be accessed when he is unavailable.

Broot’s corporation, Supernova Foundries (SNF), has promised and is working on estimating and getting the missing money back to Vallis. Based on their estimates, they will be paying for the fabs for the CoGC, the SPs for the CoGC, all materials for a WAR, and should have 100,000 NCC left over to put towards the much more expensive (~800k range) CoGC electronics when they become available. This bidding can be found in their discord: I highly recommend everyone join in on the process!

As the tax money collected during Broot’s terms will be used to cover all the materials that are available right now, I will not be running any bidding for the moment as we save up for the final pieces to the CoGC.

A couple of notes on the upcoming CoGC: on the spreadsheet linked above, there is a CoGC tab that contains our estimated upkeep on a CoGC as well as some information. The main summary: CoGC upkeep at current market prices should cost ~50,000 NCC per week, meaning we will not need to raise taxes to cover it. We’ll need to run auctions for the upkeep materials: DW, MCG, PE, and RAT, so if you produce those feel free to take a look to estimate how much we’ll need.

It’s also time we start to think about which program(s) we’ll be running in the CoGC: to that end, I’ve created a short 4-question survey that I’d appreciate you all filling out so we can see where everyone stands. You can find it here: