Upgrade Base

I have a problem with expanding the base. Even though I met all the material requirements and got another expansion, the ADD button doesn’t work. Thanks.

Looks like some kind of display glitch. If I open the same screen it shows that you maxed out your permits for that base:


Yes, but if I switch to the BASE tab or reload, it changes like my previous picture.
And I’m sure I updated the base today.

To be clear, it looks like the glitch is that the ADD button is displayed at all, not that you are unable to use it. Bases can only be expanded to 3 permits (1000 total area) so you are not allowed to add a 4th permit.

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Thanks a lot for the clarification.

It helped me a lot. I’m glad I was able to point out a minor glitch, although my original post was directed at my innocence/ignorance. I searched the wiki and other sources, but I could not clearly find information about the maximum “1000” area per base. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

It’s a cool game!

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