Upcoming market maker changes

We cross-referenced player feedback on the recently added MMs with the data we collected on them so far and will tweak some of them!

These changes will go live on Thursday, October 7th.

  • Surgical Drone SDR: 75000 → 80000
  • Ship-Repair Drone SRD: 60000 → 55000
  • Small Capacitor Bank CBS: 35000 → 40000
  • Power Cell POW: 4500 → 4200
  • Auto-Doc ADR: 58000 → 53000
  • Universal Toolset UTS: 3000 → 2500
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I think 4500 was fine for the Power Cell as LI requires HAL and LIO together, a resource not commonly seen on both planets, and easily accessible LIO is pretty far out of Faction space. R-fabs are also expensive as well.

New MM prices are now live.

Oof, my money printer is somewhat reduced in efficiency :frowning:

But why are the SRDs still 10k more valuable than the basic drones if 2 UTS are worth 5k according to their own MM.

Because of that thing, magic :wink: