Universal Server Polling

Hello! Us folks in the community have been brainstorming on starting a Universal Server that combines the regional servers, Hortus Region, Antares Operations, and Castillo-NEO Area Operations. The goal is to reduce the number of PrUN servers, consolidating them into one server to coordinate on. Discussion is currently going on in the Galactic Senate about the details of how the server will operate and you can vote on how you think it should be organized. Join to discuss further: https://discord.gg/39BktqhAAg

The basic structure of the server will be a general area, 4 opt-in regional areas for the 4 factions, and opt-in areas for all inhabited planets. The opt-in feature is important so no one is forced to deal with 50+ channels. Each region and planet will be able to differentiate itself with channels and roles (like Bant as trafficman for instance), but will share a basic structure to start out with. Now onto the voting:

Using approval voting, vote for as many options as you approve of.

Where should the server be located?

  • Completely New Server
  • Remodel PrUN Logistics
  • Remodel Hortus Region
  • Remodel Antares Operations
  • Remodel Castillo-NEO Area Operations

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How should the server be administered?

  • Team of admins from many corps assisted by a bot
  • One neutral admin assisted by a bot
  • A bot with developers as a last-resort backup
  • A bot with a neutral admin as a last-resort backup

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How should politics be displayed to non-residents?

  • Public politics chat
  • Read-only politics chat for non-residents
  • Private politics chat for residents
  • Public politics chat during elections, read-only outside elections

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Planetary channels given to each planet by default:

  • General channel
  • Separate trading and shipping channels
  • Combined trading and shipping channels
  • Politics channel (above poll determines nature of channel)
  • Governor announcements channel

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Construction of the server and server’s bot will start shortly. Updates will come in the Senate Discord and in this thread.


Politics Channel and Governor Announcements channel could easily be combined. I do worry whether so many channels/groupings will get unwieldy to scroll through, and think that 2, maybe 3, channels per planet should be the limit.

I also think the Senate can be rolled into this.

Sure. Maybe give governors permission to pin messages to serve as an announcement.

That’s the goal with the politics channels. Although depending on how councils roll out, we’ll see what changes we have to make. Whether it’s just a separate private area or refactoring the Senate. And of course, private corp servers are unaffected by this change.

imho every planet should be an opt in

You can opt in as resident or viewer (for politics since it seems to head that way) or not. Allow ppl to only see the channels they care about

With a bot, it can easly be automated through reactions bot, on top of being a fairly quick process if you want to join a planet chat for trading temporairly

This was already agreed on

fair enough I read in diagonal and missed where he said that :smiley:

If there was one Discord server with a chat for each of the CXs and was the only main unofficial server, I might actually join that.

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That’s the goal. Other than Corp servers and PCT that is.

For “trading/shipping” another suggestion:

  • Trading per planet (+ per region?)
  • Shipping per region (+ one “inter-region”?)

In most cases i encountered, “trading” was local (short term demand like RAT/DW/OVE/…, AL/FE,…) or at least somebody knows where to get something (like ask for ALO at an ALO-planet).

Shipping on the other hand may be interesting also for players outside one planet as it always has two planets involved. So with a distinct channel for each planet, a shipment announcement would have to be placed at two planet channels? Better solution maybe to have one per region (plus one “inter-region” for those between CX e.g.?)?

Some channels are planned for the region-wide categories. Shipping and trading would be among them. It looks like one combined shipping/trading channel will be implemented for each planet in addition to the region-wide channel. But it’s an involving discussion, it’s usually easier to discuss this stuff on the Senate Discord