Unfulfillable contract + ship stuck in orbit

So I accepted a shipping contract where i had to get the shipment on Katoa XK-745b and bring it to CR-911a, but the issue is that the partner made a mistake the location had to be CR-911b so I couldn’t fulfill the request.

So then I contacted him and look what we could do since he couldn’t change the location of the request.He said to go to Promitor CR-409e and he would give me some fuel. So I started the ship to fly to Promitor, after a while I asked if it is possible to transfer the goods to a different ship without the need of a base.

So we wanted to try this out and I aborted the flight with the thought that he would return back to the planet. The problem is that instead of turning back it goes to the system and went in orbit around Hortus.

Only I can’t send the ship to prom as the setup is invalid. That means that I can’t deliver the shipment nor can i get any fuel.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.

PS: The contract is GU8AA4Z, the ship is AVI-00HF6 and the shipment is #E2C49

Something similar happened to me in that same system …
TWICE, so I guess there is something broken in CR-911, Trying to fly from 911b to i was calculated as taking over a month.

Was forced to fly to a different system and get back to the correct planet.

Sorry about the ship getting stuck. There seems to be an error in the flight model. You can fix this yourself by jumping out of the system (for example to CR-740a) and then back to where you were headed.

I will add some fuel as compensation.

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Oh okay thx for helping me out, I’m sorry for all those issues but could you help me once more plz? :pensive:
Now that the “ship getting stuck in orbit” is solved what about the shipment?

Since I can’t deliver it because the contracter entered the wrong location and doesn’t have a base there.
He entered CR-911a instead of CR-911b.
So I am stuck with the shipment atm.
Is there a way to give the shipment back, like if the contracter cancels the contract I have to give back the goods?

Thanks in advance!

I am afraid that I can’t help with that. Current best way would be to let the contract breach. That way you will get the contents of the shipment and you can create a new contract with your partner: they would create a buy ad for the shipment with no payment at the destination LM.

Oh okay ill do that thx for the help!

So the contract has finished for quite a few hours now and the deadline says 0s but it doesn’t breach the contract nor did I receive the contents of the shipment. Will it breach the contract the next day or how does this work???
I’m kinda getting worried of being stuck with a shipment i can do nothing with.
Does my contract partner or I have to do something to fix this?

Hope someone can help me with this?

Thanks in advance!

So I have a contract with someone but the location that was entered is not correct so the devs told me to let the contract breach. I have been waiting for it to breach but the countdown remains on 0s. This has been the case now for around 3-4days and it still does atm.

Any advice on what to do cause im stuck with this shipment until this is fixed.

Thanks in Advance

I am sorry, I haven’t had time to fix this bug yet. What I can do is delete the shipment, so your inventory is not blocked any longer. Would that help?

Well ill just wait until its fixed then, you don’t need to delete the shipment its okay.

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Thanks guys seems like the contract has been fixed and has breached so I was able to give it back to the owner through a different contract.

Thanks a lot!!!

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