Underground Map

As beautiful as the map is, it freezes on my setup, goes back to 3D as soon as you move it in fix 2D mode, and its hard to see what is connected to what and how far away things are. So I thought of the London Underground Map. Unlike that I wanted a map where the connections and the distances between planets were accurate. Planet position and angle of connections don’t matter. While I don’t expect this ingame, would this be a useful player resource?..


I assume you are familiar with Ausecko’s map, yah? Not sure how accurate the distance scaling is, but its what I currently refer to when I need something like what you’re describing.



I wasn’t. That’s brilliant! Thank you. I’m not sure that map has accurate distances, nor is it so easy to see actual distances when going through the various twists and turns. But it does help make sense of the space.

Its this kind of resource, as a relatively new player, I’m not finding so easily. Maybe its time for a true, player contributed, Wiki.

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I think its ready:



Please do flag inaccuracies and missing planet/system names, 2 bugs found so far. And if you know your way around CSS/can get its appearance similar on other browsers and devices I’d appreciate the help - this was my first foray into CSS and JS and I’m way out of my depth. The page was tested on Firefox on Linux Mint. I know it displays awfully on a Samsung Galaxy…

This map is awesome. I think its even better than AusEcko’s map, which has been very useful to me for awhile. A map like this should be integrated into the game.