Umbra - The Chemists Haven

Welcome to a new thread on Governorship, Dover style!

I’ve been Governor of Umbra for a long time now, always as part of Mao-Kikowski Mercantile. While being part of M-KM has many advantages, and the CoGC costs were always covered, there were some disadvantages. Primarily, Governors that are part of Corporations don’t really have any insight into what their planet generates in taxes.

We also cannot truly understand what is going on in our planets, without a mass outreach program to it’s residents, or something like that. These are well documented issues about the game, that the developers are addressing.

For the most recent term I have branched off and created my own corporation, Glitch Free Umbra. This is the only way currently that I can gather some data, as I will get 100% of the taxes in through the new corporation.

The plan is, as discussed in the Umbra chat, is to leave the opening week of the term at the lowest tax rates, just to gather some analysis on how effect the previous system has been. As we don’t have a full financial week, and there will inevitably be some overlap with the change of corp collecting taxes (any existing queued orders would still be paying M-KM) we will need to do some approximation around the opening week.

The second week we will move to the highest level of taxation. This is will just be one week of maximum planetary earnings to evaluate what the potential is.

For the third and fourth weeks we will focus on Umbra’s main industry, Chemists. For the third week I will drop all taxes to min, but Chemistry to max, and for the final week we will flip that.

By the end of the experiment I hope that we can find a good balance for Umbra in that enough taxes can be brought in to help support and grow the population infrastructure. We have a lot of Technicians, and have been crucially losing some over the past few weeks with over 600 open jobs available now. I aim to put a stop to this.

Stay tuned!