UI suggestion for Content Creators + Poor Vision users (Panel Zoom)

Hey there.
Loving the game btw :smiley:

I’m in the process of changing my layout to have less on it, and more screens so I can run it at 200% browser zoom. But the reason for this is YouTube content.

My viewers are enjoying the game (some keep asking when it’s out :smile_cat: ) but some have complained about the text/panel size, especially those on tablets and phones.

So to help them I’ve been editing a zoom in on panels being used as I want to keep an overview of all important info on screen for those that need it.
The issue is that this is time consuming, so I’m changing the layout (as above), but it made me realise that other creators might not be willing to spend this time, and that would hurt future marketing.

So an Idea, is it possible to have a panel zoom option that can trigger and make a panel zoom when focused (dedicated button or trigger on focus capture)

This would help future Content Creators, and people with poor vision too.


Interesting idea and thanks a lot for bringing it up. I’ll discuss this with @molp next week when we’re both back in the office.