Tyrant You Can Trust (Promitor Election)

To the people of Promitor. I the “Tyrant You Can Trust” am here to hear your voice. I have a vision for Promitor that will bring trade and prosperity to us all. With my friends at Nemesis, we have already began to bring L-Fabs to our great planet. With these we can begin to bring the Planetary Project we all wish for to our great planet. We have the advantage in Population Size and access to all markets as all come to Promitor for our plentiful food supply. I suggest that we use this to our advantage and expand into a great industrial age for all of Promitor. My first priority will be building a CoGC and LM for out planet. Vote for Meglotyrant and vote for your future.


I approve of Meglotyrant being the governor, I think he would be the best for prom.


There is only one fizz in the universe