Twenty Twenty Licensee - Development Log #367

Welcome to 2023!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

As we discussed previously, one of our big projects will also be the UI refresh that will give the game a modern facelift.

So I’m gonna go ahead and say it… but redesigning the interface to provide a modern facelift is the least important thing that could be done IMO. As users we’re able, either through FIO or PMMG, solve a lot of those problems in a lot of ways. It’s spreadsheets in space… we should be focused on features and depth, rather than style and aesthetics.

We could:

Focusing on the new player experience. Lowering the skill curve. More clear instructions.

Adding corporation functions for companies and groups of players to have more tools and ability to play together. Internal loans, financing, shared projects, stuff to do and work toward together. And by nature, we finally need a separate finance tab for planetary governors so they are able to actually participate in their own corp, rather than being forced to be in a solo-corp to be able to monitor tax income.

Integrating better chatrooms and “Tabs” in a communications buffer so I can more easily participate in planetary chats instead of them getting lost in my messages.

Shipping containers, multi-item CONTD, shipping ads posted on source & destination LM’s.

Leaderboards! Equity, # of bases, inventory value, # of ships! Opt-in, anonymize names, or full public.

Rework of shipbuilding and upgrades, making there be meaningful choices that have to be made on what to purchase for a ship, rather than the only question being “what cargo bay do you want”.

And like, a dozen other things. I’d personally prefer to see any of these things before an interface re-skin. I would like more content or changes or upgrades that we can’t make ourselves.


The most important thing is to get more people paying for the game. Otherwise it will fail. So the question is what would attract and then keep players like that.

It’s difficult to answer, because nobody knows what will actually bring more revenue in the long run - is it adding depth to the simulation, or is it adding bells and whistles to the initial beginner experience?

While I personally agree with @lowstrife’s priorities, I would rather the devs spent time on the UI refresh, and the game stayed alive, than they focused on things that I want as an existing player, and then the game disappeared at the end of the year because it was losing money.

Yeah that’s why the new player experience was #1 on my list. Getting that initial skill curve as shallow as possible and easing people in is the most important thing. More people in the game = more better.

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