To Sell or Not to Sell - Development Log #348

Michi explains the reasoning for (not) adding buying and sellng ads to the local markets and Nick talks pricing page changes on the website.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

The way I see it, currently the custom contracts are private only. If we want the earliest available player to take a contract, the LM or CX is the best option.And CX’s where they are, are the best way to buy and sell. Currently if we have a private deal, we can also arrange for a private contract to transfer goods on a station.

I alluded to this when NOTIG was implemented.

As for the discussion about local markets, CX’s, a-fabs.

Currently, people place bids. Only the endgame rich players have this problem as many other markets are pretty liquid at the moment and the only supply shortages are minor.

People also used to place 1ncc bids as a signal of intent to buy for a market. And to know who to contact.

But furthermore, people use the UFO discord if they need to do a large deal or find a supplier for some weird item. The problem with leaving notes on the CX trading pair is unless you make it global, all notes hit all CX’s, it isn’t really in a centralized place.

I don’t think the ability to leave notes solves any problems. It just creates a system which doesn’t scale up and requires people to look in more places to find what they need.