Tips for New Players

Since the new maintenance release focused on implementing changes that would enhance new players’ experience, I wanted to create a discussion for new players that might be struggling with expanding their adventure outside their first base. Please feel free to write about your own choices and reasons for i.e. creating a second base, founding a company, changing professions etc. This will hopefully give new players more insights on what they can achieve after understanding the basic mechanics of the game. See you in Apex!

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I made my second base on Promitor to help with the whole RAT situation. I think as a member of the TRI that we should help out small players. And RATs are fundamental. My company strives to help new players, I produce commodities that are in shortage.

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After struggling on Montem to find profits in the construction industry, I did a lot of market research and spreadsheeting to find an untapped market with a lot of potential - PG. With only 250/500 area used on my Montem base I decided to save every penny to get enough materials to lay down 2 POLs on Umbra making PG. This took weeks of saving!

It was a terrible choice. I wasn’t even ready for how much of a disaster that was, and I wish a million times over I would have just stuck with Montem, filled out by base to 500/500 area, left myself a comfortable buffer of consumables in stock and patiently waited to get that 2nd base up and running.

It was really tough to support a second base!

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I would strongly suggest maxing out your first base (and subsequent bases) before moving on to bigger and better things. Everyone in this game has different opinions/goals/ways of playing the game, so don’t let any one opinion make the decision for you. Ultimately, do what you find fun. For me that’s so far involved vertical integration (i.e. making the things I need so I buy less from the market). Less efficient in overall profit, but easier to manage. So me, that meant I started with DW/RAT production on Promitor then settled on Montem to to do prefabs to help fund my future expansions.

No matter what, your name/reputation is a top commodity in PrUn. Get involved with the community. Be around chats. Join a corp. Don’t be afraid to ask for loans/partnerships, just don’t be annoying and spam every channel asking for funding without promising much/anything in return. If you have a legitimate loan plan in place, people are often willing to support new players.

Have fun with it. Feel free to reach out in game chat. Corp Code ET88


True, I have received lots of loans.

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Hi, I’m currently the leader of one of the most successful corporations in the game at the moment, Galactic Development Project (GDP). It’s been at least a year since I created my company in this test, so I’m not going to talking production specifics of how to grow from your starter colony.

The most important thing to remember with Prosperous Universe is that relationships are the single most important aspect to success. You need to get connected with other players. Join the discord, talk about mechanics, share your plans, join a corporation.

It is possible to be successful without interacting with other players outside of CX trading. It’s unlikely though, and it’s a boring way to play.

Even if you join a new corporation with players as new as you, your likely hood of success is greatly improved.

We have a fantastic community. Use our experience, ask about opportunities, share your plans and ask for feedback. Most importantly, trust each other. Assume malice only as a last resort. Most of our players are employed and/or very busy in real life. Mischievous, toxic, or unethical players are often called out in chats.

Reputation is everything. Your company may restart under a different name, but reputation remains. Be ethical, be friendly, be forgiving.

Whilst it’s tempting to feel that bigger players are out to get you, we take great care to ensure that we don’t. We want you to succeed. We’ve formed a player-driven organisation to ensure that any large projects do not unfairly impact the markets of new players. I’ll reiterate again, we want you to succeed!

Prosperous Universe is not a zero-sum game. Always search for a win-win scenario. <3


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Oh well!


I am still pretty new, and other than doing my best to protect my reputation, I might have broken all the guidelines mentioned above. I did not max out bases before expanding, i did not join a corporation soon enough, I gave my Company some crazy long name my first attempt (COLIQ) can be your friend…

I did jump in with both feet into the community pool, and that was my saving grace. It would also be my first piece of advice…join the Discords, there are several, join the forums, ask questions, we all want to help.

My second piece of advice would be; if you are going to start down the Carbon path, build using the Vit starter package. you will have to adjust how you build out just a bit, but build the farm and the food processing plant along with the a Rig and Incinerator, it might take a few days longer to grow your Carbon output, but you get “vertical” from the start, and do not have the cost of buying Food and Water for your workers…

Last, if you are not almost broke your first month, you may be doing something wrong…money sitting in your account is not helping you grow/expand…hold enough to pay your bills, but expand every chance you get, just have a plan and stick to it



@McGangsta I still run very lean on liquid capital. If I’ve got more than a couple hundred thousand, I’ve likely forgotten to purchase something for somewhere, and that thing is probably just about to break.

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