The Universe Expands - Development Log #269

The expansion of the universe is almost upon us: the formation of the fourth faction, the emergence trace resource deposits, the migration of commodity exchanges, and more …

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

I am kinda concerned by this

We can already reveal that the new map will be quite a bit bigger than the current one and feature a fourth faction

Do you guys feel like the current maps is too small? There is already many of the sectors that are barely or unused at all?

While I could see this be interesting if ships were mid-late game, with their current state it just sounds like we will have more useless space, or high-end RE taps be 5 days out… (looks at BTS)

I do feel maps are too small. The empty space issue is more to do with the fact that resources in this version of the map are pretty scarce in the Rim and all the core sectors have really good deposits.

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If you are making changes to the map, I’m sure that most of us would like to see the map be more dense/connected. Right now the map is very long and spindly, and it makes travel to a lot of systems non-viable, even if they had great resources in them. Ideally the vast majority of the systems would be only 4-5 jumps from a CX, and the FTL lanes would be more of a spiderweb than a bunch of really long branches.

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There might be a chance that we implement certain types of space infrastructure during the next run that will allow for alternative hubs to form. So we need a bit more space and adding it during the run seems more complicated than adding it now, even if that means that there is empty space.


I just saw this… :joy:

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