The new company ratings

A new player was able to obtain an “A” rating after 4 days into the game and 6 completed contracts.


The best possible rating for a 4 day old account? This makes the entire rating system useless. Any new player could qualify for an A rating with minimal effort. The best ranking should be reserved for players with 100’s of completed contracts over several months.


I was watching a certain company have an A rating after 2 days with 4 completed contracts, but by the time i took the screenshot it was 3 days old

They redesigned the rating system to base it on the value of cargo being shipped. I’m beginning to think the intention of this rating system isn’t to reflect the reliability of the shipper. Rather, it shows their relative impact on the economy of the game as a whole. i.e. - a person shipping 1M NCC worth of cargo is doing more to keep this game active than someone shipping a few thousand.

My rating hasn’t changed at all since the new system was introduced as it it still based on the same number of contracts.

New contracts aren’t being added to the calculation or old contracts being removed, Molp mentioned that the rating was based on a 45 day (I think) period so at some point contracts should drop off and if no new contracts are added where does the rating go?

In this new system, everybody’s automatically considered trustworthy once they’ve completed their first contract, until something goes wrong. (also known as “innocent until proven guilty”)

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Not sure I agree with that. It should be something earned, not automatically assumed.

Well, when “earning” an “A” rep to start off with is as simple as accepting and paying for a local market buy ad, I don’t think much effort is required lol

My company rating is still unchanged after getting Covid and breaching a couple contracts. I have since resolved those contracts, but it seems like my rating doesn’t care what I do after those first 5 contracts.

My rating info has been stuck at 302 contracts, even though I’ve done ~1000 contracts in thr past 3 months.

Mine has been stuck at 149 as well for an indeterminate amount of time.

Hey, we just fixed a bug where the amount of contracts that went into the rating was not updated correctly. That is fixed now and you should see the numbers update with each fulfilled or breached contract.

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