The lack of ships

Hi - Is there any plan for shipbuilding or expansion of cargo hold. The lack of ships is becoming a big issue, and is effectively stopping the game value . As long as there is no “security” in letting other players transport my goods - this is not an option.

Do you have shipbuilding or just the possibility to buy an extra ship in the current plans - or ?!

We are currently developing the Expanse release which contains the Administration Center and the release after that will most likely be one where we tackle the lack of ships in some way. That sounds pretty nebulous because we haven’t decided on any details yet.


while I empathize with you, one of the things this game does well (imho) is to balance the ability for new players to get into the game while still giving older players a lot to work towards.
Lots of ships all over the place will make it harder for new players to make meaningful deals on the markets.