Thanks, Great Game

Hello, I just started this game a week ago, and so far I am really enjoying it. I was looking for a game exactly like this a few weeks ago, but couldn’t find anything searching by economy games. I just happened to run into Prosperous Universe while looking at a list of the top space MMOs.

I wasn’t so sure what this game was about, but I watched the Honest Trailer and it sold me on the whole game, really it’s exactly what I was looking for.

You can really tell that a lot of though and effort is put into balance and making everything work together. I thought that the tutorial was well constructed, even if I did end up scrapping 2/3 of the buildings.

My only real concern is the lack of progression. I took a look at the T2 buildings and there just doesn’t really seem to be any reason to build them, the profit margins are lower and there seems to be low or no demand for lots of the different commodities. Right now, I only see doubling down on T1 as an option, until I can fund an expansion for different raw materials. I’ve seen this explained as on purpose, where the economy is just designed to be mostly T1. I also see that some of the product chains terminate in unfinished items, so maybe its all yet to come.

Just my thoughts, keep up the good work!


Hi! Welcome to PrUn.

T2 facilities are required in order to build the materials for additional colonies. Outside of that, there are some materials that can be used in T1 facilities, such as PG, and also luxury consumables for pioneers.

The vast majority of facilities will be T1 as they are resource harvesting and processing facilities. T2 builds on top of that.

Currently, we can plant new colonies on any planet that is not 1) High Temperature, and not 2) High Gravity.

Progression is there, but you will find it necessary to collaborate with others. There are quite a few groups active within the current galaxy. The main groups are focusing on expanding into T3 and preparing to settle resource-rich, gas giants.

All the best!

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