Test wiki post - evolve to starter planet recommendations for new players

This is place holder text in a test post. Most active members should be able to edit this post.

What are we to place here? (McG)
@McGangsta A common complaint is that the starting screens do not give proper details of the current state of the universe. A wiki post here could allow the community to provide advice to new players around how to get the best start, or which planets offer the most needed start.

Can the original author see the previous versions of this? The editor list may need to be set tightly if there’s no way to revert or see backups. People might sabotage it. (Esabab)

@Esabab Everyone can see the edit history (and user) with the little orange counter next to the post time in the upper right of this post. It doesn’t appear that I can rollback to previous versions, but we can edit it back. Admins/Mods can rollback. See: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-a-wiki-post/30801

https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/ indicates that trust level 1 (Basic) can edit wiki posts. Maybe this is better suited to being at Trust Level 2 (Member)?

How does one see their Trust Level, i could not find it on my profile? (bobemor) - check your badges.

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Hm ok so we need to follow a common text style…
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So… I can see my Trust level how do I see what I have left to complete? (Bobemor) - @Bobemor check the link I replied to esabab above. It gives details on the trust levels and the default requirements to get them.
-I more want to know what i’m missing. Interestingly though, only 2 players are currently trust level 3. I think i’m only missing the 50 days one

@Prdgi where do you see your trust level in the UI?
boink - see response to esabab and bobemor above. Its in your badges.

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