Suspicious Market Activity

7 days ago, a player that goes by the alias of igarock bought 260 units of BER from me at Moria (CXO daf0e99e). That player attempted to sell them for 700 each and it did not go well… then they offloaded 150 @ 32 today.

That’s pretty sus and feels like multiaccouting.

@Molp plz check it out?

I am not sure this is very good to have posted on forum. Maybe there should be added a way to report someone in game with details, so devs could check it out.

Sorry for the late reply. I am on vacation and will be back on Monday.

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Hey, I cannot find a user with the alias “igarock”. Maybe a spelling error? If you encounter this player, or similar behavior, again, please contact us again immediately. I am sorry I couldn’t look into this in a timely manner, I was on vacation and away from any computers :slight_smile:

I had it right. It looks like they flew the coup. Next time some suspicious things happen, where is the best place to get attention?

Usually it is best to try to get a hold of someone of the team/moderators in Discord.