Support Tier Structure Blueprints


Just a quick question as i cannot find anything relating to the Structure Blueprints for the support packages.

The frequently asked questions does mention “Some (like badges) are added automatically, some (e.g. physical rewards) are not ready yet.” I’m not sure if the art work for the structure blueprints is considered a physical reward or not so just wanting to know if these are still WIP or can they be accessed somewhere?


While not being a physical perk they are still work-in-progress. We will start production of the physical perks later this year, and that goes for the blueprints as well.

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Just wondering, has anything happened with the support tier structure Blueprints? Should I be able to see them somewhere, or are they still a work-in-progress?

I am afraid they are still work in progress :confused:

Hello. 2 years have past since the question came up and 9 month since it came up for the last time so I would like to know when we can expect to receive the blueprints (and the preorder bonus in general)?


(I had this draft saved from december last year but it didn’t feel comfortable to ask by necroposting on a forum thread xd)

The blueprints are not done yet, I am afraid. We started sending out the physical perks last year and are continuing to do so every now and then. Make sure to fill out the forms over here to be part of the next batch.