Suggestions for WAR changes

I have been thinking about WAR units lately ā€” both due to CUOP activities and due to the continual shortage of WAR units on the exchange planets. This feedback is MAINLY due to the shortage on the exchange planets.

  • The current cap on WAR rental rates on faction planets is too low. Older players are more than willing to pay 9K per week to hold 3 units permanently. My observation here is a simple supply/demand observation - at the cap, demand exceeds supply. Thus the cap is artificially low and needs to be raised. Very easy fix.

Iā€™m not sure they will be able to be raised enough to address the overall attractiveness of them for additional storage, so Iā€™d like to suggest some further changes that will be much more complicated.

  • The long awaited ability to upgrade the WAR to higher levels is needed. A satisfactory solution would be allowing upgrades to level 2 and level 3 which move the WAR up to 100 and 150 units respectively.

But I think there is an even better possible solution:

  • Limit users to 1 WAR unit on a planet.

  • Upgrading the WAR to level 2 doubles the size of units (from 500 to 1000)

  • Upgrading the WAR to level 3 doubles the number of units (from 50 to 100)

  • Upgrading the WAR to level 4 increases the size of units again (from 1000 to 1500)

And so forth for however many times the Devs think it would be appropriate to repeat this exercise.

Again - the goals here are to make WARs more accessible to people who need them, instead of being locked up behind people who have permanently rented them.

Bonus points ā€” Allow WAR tenants to create ads on the LM as if they had a base on the planet.

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This is a fantastic time to bring up WAR changes.

I feel it has been far too easy to completely lockdown WARs on CUOP planets. It only takes 17 players to use up 50 slots.

I agree that WAR should be further upgradeable.

I feel that WAR units should auto cancel if they have not been used in a certain period. Eg, you have 2 units, but only ever use 200t then the 2nd unit should cancel.

If you have a WAR unit rented but cannot pay the renewal, the unit just locks instead of being cancelled. This should be reviewed.

I also feel it would be beneficial to allow people without a colony on the planet to contribute to planetary projects/infrastructure.

Edit: maybe the governor could initiate a WAR cull that clears rental on any unused WAR units?