Suggestions and Ideas


Idea: high score list(s)

Yes, I’ve played too many arcade games in my life.
Does the game need a high scores page? Categories could be things like wealth, territory built on, number of bases, richest corporations…


Idea: Add a calculator command


Blockquote Categories could be things like wealth, territory built on, number of bases, richest corporations…

How would you define wealth? Cash on hand? Overall value of company? Or go nuts and have multiple categories?


Will there be a possibiity to change the chart format to candles or line graph in market?


Probably, yes. The charts will generally get a bit more love at some point, although I think they serve their purpose for the moment.


It seems like there’s a problem with people not contributing to CoGCs because the cost doesn’t seem worth it for the bonus. Maybe to incentivize contributing, people who help could get a bigger bonus corresponding to the amount they contributed?

The easiest way might be to just do a straight percent bonus. So for example someone who contributes 25% of the goods needed would get 125% of the reward (so a 10% boost would be 12.5% for them), or someone who contributes everything needed would get their bonus doubled.

This may result in a situation where the rich get richer because the people who can afford to contribute end up getting better production and thus are able to continue contributing, but I think that may be a better situation than CoGCs going unfunded.


Two Quality of Life suggestions that’ll be nice to have eventually, but aren’t really required just yet:

“Repeat Production” option for buildings. Just sets it up to do that production over and over without it having to be queued up, allowing more flexibility than having to queue up larger orders. Right now this isn’t hard to manage manually because nobody has expanded much but once people start having multiple bases I could imagine it being very helpful.

The second suggestion I’ll call “Threshold Buying”:
This would only be available to bases on planets with exchanges, and would function as an easy way to keep things in stock that you know you’ll need. Players would be able to set up a threshold under which it automatically queues an order in the exchange for that good with a specific price, for example “If I drop to 5 or less OVE, put up an order for 5 OVE at 200 each”.
On top of this there could be a secondary lower threshold the player sets where it alerts the player more urgently to let them know that the order was unsuccessful and the price may need to be adjusted.

Again both of these aren’t too necessary now, but they’d be nice to have once it becomes necessary to manage a lot at once.


Sound like great premium features for post-First Access to me :slight_smile:


Human Population could produce Organic Residue. This residue could then be used in the production of Biomass to be used as energy for the base(as a basic product) or could be further used to produce Biodiesel or Biometane. Etc…


Will it be possible to edit contracts once they are placed on the market? In example, I have a buy order, but if someone outbids me I want to modify my contract with same amount of itmes to price higher. Or it’s already implemented feature and I’m missing it?


That’s currently not possible. It was brought up in our community live stream the other day, so it’s definitely on our radar. We’re not entirely sure what to do about it, though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some suggestions:
Are you going for hard sci-fi?
It might be interesting to base some of the products in the game on more realistic physics/chemistry… for example, currently SF doesn’t make much sense to me.

A space elevator should be some sort of corporate/planetary megaproject, that could be have fees attached, and would remove the expensive fuel costs associated with leaving planetary gravity wells.

The recipe for FF also doesn’t make much sense - it seems like you’re trying to power a fusion reactor with it, but (a) that design of reactor wouldn’t work very efficiently and (b) that also doesn’t explain why only FTL uses fusion and nothing else (maybe energy requirements for everything are on the roadmap already?)

It would be nice to get some lore as to how FTL works in this universe more specifically.

Iron and many other elements would be much more efficiently mined from asteroids, but I guess this is already on your roadmap.


We are aiming for hard(-ish) sci-fi. So far the fuel names are placeholders since we haven’t had time to design the lore yet. Martin and I have an idea how FTL flight should work, but haven’t written it down yet.

Eventually there will be large-scale projects like space elevators!


Possibly already suggested somewhere, but a couple of small(?) QoL suggestions borne of chatter in-game:

CXOS: It’d be nice if we could filter our commodity exchange orders list to only show (or not show) specific statuses or commodities. Mostly this thought came from people deleting their filled orders to keep it tidy but obviously then being unable to go back and check the details of those orders later. If there was a filter we could keep the old orders for reference but filter them out when they’re not relevant - best of both worlds!

Being able to sort by clicking column headings would be nice too.

CXP: Two things re: the commodity price information window.

The first is a couple of us were a little confused as to what time interval the information on this window related to - first thought was maybe weekly, then when that was obviously wrong we thought maybe daily, but then we found ones that showed non-zero amounts traded where the charts hadn’t had a sale in over a week. Our best guess is it shows the amount sold in the last 24h except if that amount is zero, then it shows the amount sold in the last day that any were traded in (even if that was weeks ago). The problem with that is when you look at the data on this window you can’t be sure how current or relevant the information is without going through the charts to check it.

So the suggestion relating to that is: only have it show the info for what was traded today. If nothing was traded today just show zero - don’t go back to previous days.

And from that came suggestion 2: add in time period filters the same way the CXPC chart has. That way we can pick whether we’re seeing price info for today, the last 24h, the last 30d, etc.


That one is on our list for a while now. We haven’t implemented anything like that yet because the focus so far has been on getting features done, test them and then the QoL improvements!

You are right, that is confusing and we should make it more clear what the corresponding time periods are. I added it to the list, thanks!


Small suggestion:

Add a keyboard binding to open up a new buffer so you can avoid using the mouse to go all the way down to the left.

Apologies if it has already been requested or it’s there and I did not realize it :smiley:


Try CTRL-SPACE to open a new buffer, ESC to close one. Does not work all the time though… I wonder where we could document these shortcuts…


Thanks! It seems to be working if you click on the main interface after closing the new buffer. If you don’t click it won’t work.


It would be very nice to be able to build our own custom list of tickers, similar to the CX <…> buffers. For example, I could have a list which was the OVE ticker for all exchanges, or OVE, RAT and DW for a particular exchange, etc, instead of the current set lists.

Currently you can sort of do this by having many tiny tiles of CXP for each ticker but it is rather clunky.


This feature is on our issues/features backlog for a while now and will eventually be implemented!