Suggestions and Ideas


Oh, I see! Thank you, I added the idea to our backlog. It’s not on the public the feature list, since it’s less of a new feature and more of a change in design. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll put myself in “beer only” mode. :smile:


Soo! This is my first suggestions!

  1. When opening the planet/map, if you click on right-click it enables the “rotate” mode until you click it again.
    As I’m using Opera, it happens that if I right-click and move to the mouse to the left too quickly my browser undestand that I used the “go back” shortcut and closes the page.

edited the above

  1. As it appears the login server is sharing the Account setting with Airlinesim and when attempting to register my nickname was already in use so I recover the password, by doing so, my password for Airlinesim was changed XD

Will they stay linked between both games? It would be cool a warning or the login page to be the same website for both :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankss! Game looks awesome at first glance


Thanks for mentioning that behavior, we definitely have to find a workaround for that!

Yes, the will stay linked. That way we don’t have to run the same infrastructure twice. I guess we should add a note to the registration screen that AS accounts work as well (and the other way round).


Logistics contracts.
I place a buy when I’m at the station but leave before it is fulfilled.
Some other guy I know is on that station and flying my way with a half-empty hold.
I create a contract with him to be my trucker, he gets access to my goods and can haul them back to me.
Yes, then you need systems for failure clauses, etc., but this kind of thing will make freight a viable profession in its own right.


private contracts are planned and will allow for such deals. don’t want to speak for the team, but they have stated, that they won’t implement private contracts for the time being due to limited numbers of players and reduced activity on the market, if players trade privately even more than they already do


Not really the same thing. I mean, lots of similarities, but not the same thing. This is specific to picking it up and hauling it to another location. Not just a private trade. Private trades don’t require failure clauses and whatnot.
Similar, but… not the same thing.


I think bairloch is thinking about hauling contracts, like in Eve, where you get paid for hauling but ownership of the items isn’t transfered.

Also private trades are a good reason to bond with other players and don’t go for self-sufficiency, because from my experience, doing private trades over public market is a nuisance, you always have people, who over-/underbid your offers and i’ll not play another test, if i have to do private trades over the public market again.


he makes a fair point. If interconnectivity is the goal, then private trades really should be a high-priority system. If you make inter-player trading more difficult, you’ll drive people to self-sufficiency just to avoid the nuisance.


Fair points! Interaction between the players is what we strive for. While we see that private trading connects the players that teamed up and increases their motivation, it demotivates the player without a team since it is harder to get stuff from the market because the commodities never see the market. So its a problem either way.

Here is an idea: @martin is working on the corporations feature at the moment and we could allow private trading between the players within a corporation. I have to discuss that with the team!

Concerning hauling contracts: That is something we definitely want to have in the game at some point. The technical foundations for that are already in the game: You can create pick-up contracts when buying from a comex where you don’t have any storage capacity.


From my experience as a leading technology corporation, all commodities will see the market, but a bit later after they’re available, once you produced some surplus, and to a high price, which i doubt any solo player could afford.

I would appreciate that.


The pickup contracts thing, is that in now? How have I missed it?

And to the first point, at least for me, there are products I make for my own (team’s) consumption and other products I make for the market. They are two different things. My vertical pipeline and my actual output. One hits the market, the other doesn’t.
So the private trading (or corps, yes!) handles the vertical while the market is for the output. They are two different things and require two different systems.
I don’t see the private as limiting the offers on the market because those things were never going to be on the market anyway, other than for a few seconds while we stealth trade it and throw off all of your market metrics.
That’s the other thing. Right now all of your market graphs are useless as they have to try to incorporate the private swaps for 1 NCC or 10k NCC that are both completely ridiculous rates. But they’re the only system we have and so we break your metrics each time we do it.
Just more grist for the mill. I know you’re working on this, but I figure this kind of comment can encourage you that you’re going the right direction.


I think we’ve discussed the topic of private trade so many times now that it should be clear what our motivation here is :slight_smile:

Yes, there will definitely be private trade in one form or another eventually. But in current phase of testing and - most importantly - with the low amount of players we have right now, our priorities lie elsewhere. You can trade for very high or low prices at public exchanges, but if that does not work because other people have placed regular buy or sell orders, that’s exactly what we want to achieve…a market. It helps us a lot more in terms of balancing and developing a feel for the game if everyone is more or less forced to pay market prices for their resources. When people could directly circumvent the (currently tiny, unstable) public markets, we would essentially test how a hand-full of players can share resources “for free” which obviously isn’t the objective of the game (but a legitimate part of later game-play, of course).


This is already the case, when you bond closely with another player and should be possible within a corporation.
You try to fight self-sufficiency on the one hand, with implementing new mechanics, but forget about proper existing mechanics on the other hand.
At the current state of the game there is no reason for players to not go for self-sufficiency, avoid the nuisance of trading intermediate goods over the market and sell only final goods for best profit, that’s the actual meta.
I guess you want to create some production line sim then and that will be really counterproductive to your mentioned goals.

I’ve seen it more than once, that new player are getting irritated by these prices, especially when they appear as last traded price.

But to sum it up, i don’t share your point of view and i also hate to repeat myself, so i just keep my word and will refrain from playing another test and maybe check back in a year or so, when the game is a bit more polished.


Additional expert, Navigation.
Tie them to the ship or the location. Cut down on your flight times/fuel usage/whatever.


To expand on bairloch’s idea. Let ships have experts. (Navigators(increases speed), Engineer(improves fuel consumption), cargo manager(increase storage capacity).


Suggestions to mitigate colluding(aka teaming)

  1. [hardest to implement] Detect companies that only sell to each other and to give them massive fines for colluding (as governments do irl).
    Three ideas to test for collusion would be to:
  • Check if player X is buying or selling from player Y at massively higher or lower price then the market average(Say by over 30%).
  • When ever player X posts a product player Y then immediately(within 30 minutes for example) purchases said products from the market().
  • Check to see if player X customer base is largely just player Y(say something absurd like 70%)

A few more ways to mitigate teaming:

  1. Make experts rare(say about 1/8th they are currently), and incredibly important(so 1 expert has a 100% improvement in production and 2 have a 120%(overhall) improvement) Then double the base production times so that having one expert basically = the same amount of time to produce a good in this alpha as base. Then give everyone two experts in their industry.
    1a. Perhaps also mitigate expert generation at bases that run more then one industry.
  2. Increase the number of Industries. (Split the construction industry up), add a rare metals industry.
  3. have a wider selection of needed goods.
  4. Increase the number of industries for more expensive building materials. (Right now the construction industry uses basic construction goods to make advanced construction goods. That’s a mistake because it limits the number of companies they have to deal with)


You raise some good points there, I think. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll transfer your suggestions to our (official or inofficial) feature lists. @martin or @molp will be better suited to give you direct feedback on game design, though.


I like to quote myself here:

Either you want to support teaming up or self-sufficiency, you can’t have both IMHO.


None of this is necessary. They’ve already said they’re building corporations into the game. Once that exists, there will be no “collusion” and with corporate banks/stockpiles, no trading on the market between members of a corporation.
You’re attempting to stop a style of play that has been stated to be a explicit goal of the Dev team. And once the corporation systems is in, all of these checks will be useless.


So, if this hasn’t been brought up in the past:

Why on earth does the resource extractor (EXT) require a workforce of 60? It means that with only one habitation module, you’d have by far the slowest start of all profiles.